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    I’m just curious as to how many people have purchased Podium as a result of the free version in CM magazine. I see people mention it all the time.

    Myself, if it wasn’t for the free version, I wouldn’t have looked at Podium. I have tried it before VERY lightly, and didn’t pursue it. But because of the free version, I looked at it more seriously. So I’m a result of it.

    So, even though I know that not everyone who purchased will necessarily post here, it will be interesting(and maybe helpful to Fritz) if we can see a good number of people who were convinced due to the promotion. Maybe it will help Fritz decide how to promote in the future!

    I guess this will include ANY magazine that Podium has been on, as I know it was on another one or two as well.



    Well in my case it was a bit similar to your experience. I had tested Podium in a very early version but decided to stay with EnergyXT1 at that time. For sure finding Podium1.77 in Computermusic 110 put me back to it. With a certain delay of some months πŸ˜€ …
    I got great advice from the very Koolkeys over at KVR, and am now testing it with Reaper.
    I heard Podium CM mentioned pretty often too, by the way. But most users I heard of found the learning curve to steep and decided for Reaper. Well, that were 4-5 so this is in no way telling pretty much πŸ˜€ . I think simple but missing things you are accustomed to in EVERY sequencer (like count in or so, I perfectly understand why it is missing up to now, but only after reading hours and hours about Podium here) might be a reason that users think it was “too difficult”.

    It is quite a bit silent over at KVR about Podium – so my guess would be it was a GREAT idea to put a CM – and a Beat – version out. Maybe many more – like me – might discover it with a big delay, in my case the many problems I got with my own host, EnergyXT2. So if I decide for Podium, I’d run EXT inside it.
    And thanks again, Koolkeys πŸ˜€ , for the advice!


    Hi Klemperer,

    Although there are no replies to Koolkeys post here, I know that a major part of my recent customers have been using the Podium CM version before buying the full version. So I’m probably doing that type of promotion again, although nothing is planned at the moment.

    About the steep learning curve: A lot of things have improved since 1.77. I’m on a constant quest to try to simplify the UI workflow without sacrificing the flexibility of the hiearchic track design.



    @Zynewave wrote:

    Hi Klemperer,

    About the steep learning curve: A lot of things have improved since 1.77. I’m on a constant quest to try to simplify the UI workflow without sacrificing the flexibility of the hiearchic track design.


    Thanks for the quick reply πŸ™‚ . As you see, after posting I decided for Podium rather quickly, already sent you a pm about purchase-problems (share-it refuses to process my normal e-mail address which is NOT a freeware account.)
    And the nice thing about the “steep learning curve” is that once you found out something you ask yourself “how could I have missed this before, it’s logical and easy” πŸ˜€


    IIRC, i first came across Podium in a post on Cockos forums, and proceeded to download the demo (1.83), which immediately grabbed my attention as a tasty solution for my needs, especially in the light of being both affordable and highly capable. However, later when I got me paws on CM 1.77, i was able to test it without the limitations imposed by the demo, and decided to go for it.

    Sure, initially it was a bit challenging to get Podium to spit out some sound, but after a couple hours of digging into it the logic began to reveal itself, and before long I found it all so ‘natural’, neatly integrating all the essential elements of a daw into a sweetly sophisticated interface.

    Imho, Podium appears to be the progeny of very keen insight into contemporary gui design and a firm understanding of digital audio.

    right, now back to work! πŸ˜‰


    @rinxai wrote:

    IIRC, i first came across Podium in a post on Cockos forums


    Someone coming FROM Reaper? Kill you on KVR, they will!

    Honestly, I won’t go with Reaper and I am still looking at Podium as my one-host-only.

    Can I ask why you found Podium so attractive and what you like about it so much?

    I like the quickness of Tracktion, but after I downloaded T3 it seemed to be slightly a step away from what I liked it for.

    Does the “heirarchial” way of doing it involve extra steps to get something going as opposed to another host like Cubase? Is the advantage that it’s more creative?

    Thank you for any replies,

    – A


    It doesn’t involve extra steps. It just requires a totally different way of thinking. At first, it’s not what most are used to. But after you get it, you GET IT. Things start making sense and you start to wonder why others do it different ways.

    Now, I must say, I’m a very loyal Tracktion user. This is no secret. But I also own Podium, EXT, and Sonar. I like them all for their own reasons. And Podium, for me, is a change of pace. It’s a fresh look at things. Even though I don’t agree about Tracktion going away from any of it’s traditions, I will say that Podium is equally able to inspire as Tracktion is.

    Great product, great support. Worth every penny.



    @AngelicLight wrote:

    Can I ask why you found Podium so attractive and what you like about it so much?

    Does the “heirarchial” way of doing it involve extra steps to get something going as opposed to another host like Cubase? Is the advantage that it’s more creative?

    It being an affordable option put it at the top of my list. That it is a stable and robust audio/midi engine many years in development, zero bloat, zero bugs. Intelligent contemporary design. Imho, Podium’s GUI implements some ‘best practices’ in regard to general software and GUI design, stuff that has nothing to do with digital audio, but more to do with how Frits approaches a solution to a challenge. Rather than imitating the hardware paradigm, Podium provides a uniquely flexible ‘modular’ approach to defining signal flow from inputs, audio/midi tracks, groups, sends/returns to master output according to the changing needs of a project.

    It seems a more intuitive approach to directing signal flow, with an excellent implementation of track bouncing/’freezing’. It is IMO not yet perfect, but with Frits’ proactive development cycle I’ve noticed steady improvement with each regular update.

    The ‘hierarchical’ approach is IMO another example of ‘best practice’ in terms of using programming conventions that have evolved over the years of software design, the main purpose being Usability. Now that I’ve mostly figured out how deploy Podium, I can say that the ‘steps’ are actually mental, since once the usable methods are understood, getting something going is no problemo.

    For an analogy I consider a tree trunk and root system, where the signal is like sap flowing up from various root tips into groups of roots flowing into a stereo master trunk. Signal/sap flows up from the bottom/VSTi/audio feeding into groups feeding the master track at the top. So initially in Podium, gardening for sound involves first sprouting a seed/arrangement, and growing it piece by piece, root by route into a system defined by you. By using templates, any part of a arrangement/group/track/root can be cloned and grafted onto other……erm plants. Also, any kind of tree/track routing structure can be created, simple or complex, and is easily first defined in ‘New Arrangement Properties’. Useful for when the structural requirements for an arrangement are known or established.

    I don’t see this as giving some extra ‘creative’ advantage, since its just a tool, but a very capable one. It is sharp and is being further honed to virtual perfection. I feel that ‘creative advantage’ is something that grows with relative mastery over one’s tools and instruments, regardless of what they are. Its like learning to play a guitar, or ski, ride or surf, the creative bit kicks in once the basics are mastered.



    I am a CM “convert.” I have been doing income earning work on Podium for the past few months.


    Mike G

    Have been using the Cm version for ages and loved it
    So thought I’d give some payback becuase I’ve had so much use and I want to get the updates etc.


    Hi. Another Podium CM convert here. It’s got to be said, that when staring at a screen for 8-10 hours a day, the “serenity” factor of Podium’s beautiful UI is VERY important. The customising of course allows a multitude of visuals, but the relative lack of clutter is a breath of fresh air. However. It’s all about sound! My former DAW (Cubase) doesn’t faithfully reproduce sound internally e.g. bouncing MIDI to audio, and mastering drives me crazy because the mix of a track sounds vastly different in other apps. Having also tried Magix software, it seems a tad too open in the top end. Podium is to my (weary) ears the most neutral sounding app. It’s subjective of course, but in my younger live sound mixing days I could pinpoint (and name) a single note on an electric piano causing feedback. That combined with the modular approach really makes me think that Podium will in time be the DAW that other companies emulate. I too found a bit of a learning curve, but I believe it to be the “DAW of the future”. Cheers all.


    P.S. Rinxai – I love the tree analogy!


    I tried the CM version 2 times but i got put off when i discovered that it crashed when scanning my vst folder.

    Then koolkeys talked about it on kvraudio and i tried the demo 2-3 times and i was still not sold cause i was put of by the crackling i got everytime the master level automated into silence.

    The demo limitation made it hard to test it fully like with other hosts that has save and load disabled instead but is fully functional.

    But it caught my interest when i saw how great the dual core support was so i bought it instead so i could try it more.

    Now i think that Podium is great and i am slowly migrate to it as my default host πŸ™‚

    So thank you so much koolkeys for pointing me to Podium again 8)


    I see that Podium is now up to version # 2.14.
    Is it possible to update Podium CM?
    If yes, how do I do this?

    I am checking Podium out because it is now a Rewire host!
    I was looking for a Rewire host for Rebirth.

    I also have Samplitude 8 SE installed. But I have not yet started
    using it. It too is a Rewire host. Which is why I installed it also.


    If you mean a host that supports rewire, then yes. But I don’t believe it can actually host rewire connections, only slave to them.


    Please ignore this post, I have got it the wrong way around and stupidly posted. 😳

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