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    Steven Hodge

    I am using Hydrogen drum machine. The only technique I know for moving a song from Hydrogen is to export the song from Hydrogen as a .wav file, and then move it from where it is saved into a track. But whenever I do so, I find that the playback in Podium is a different speed to the song exported form Hydrogen. E.g. a song that is 113 bpm when I export it sounds more like 120 or 125 bpm when played from within Podium. If, however, I play the same saved .wav file from, e.g., VLC then the track plays at the speed I exported it (e.g. something exported at 113 bpm still sounds like 113 bpm in VLC). I’m stumped. Best wishes, Steven



    Quick guess: you are running Hydrogen at 48KHz and Podium at 44,1.

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