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    I’m asking on behalf of a friend, as they’re less technically minded than me, and since I got them using Podium I feel partly responsible!

    They have just bought a load of plugins, and a few of them are instruments. Playing them is fine, all MIDI getting through, sustain pedal, etc; but when they hit record none of the ‘support’ information is being tracked – only the MIDI notes. Sustain, CC, pitchbend don’t get the subtracks created and so no data is recorded. I’ve looked at the settings, and they look OK compared to other instruments that do work.

    I’m guessing it’s something to do with the underlying Device Definitions from the settings dropdown – but I can’t remember how you get at those, and whether they are actually editable.

    He’s been on the 32bit version, but since these new instruments were 32bit only, he’s updated to the 64bit version, importing the old plugin database along the way (tho’ of course, many or of no use to him, being 32bit only and he’s yet to use jBridge). Is there a known issue with this procedure at all?

    Any advice on what to do?

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    MIDI messaging, other than notes, isn’t recorded as parameter lane for MIDI Input Devices. The reason for this is that a Track’s MIDI Input Device can be dynamically assigned and be configured according to your hardware setup.

    You can, however, record MIDI In messages for Devices loaded into an Instrument or Effect slot.
    First ensure that the Instrument or Effect Device has the appropriate Parameter Object within the Device definition. Pictured below is the Inspector. The focused Device is an Effect called ‘Ohmygod’. The Parameter pane is expanded and the ‘Device’ button is active, listing VST and MIDI parameters for the focused Device. If the MIDI cc isn’t listed, then use the drop-down menu to create a new entry to the list. Recording will now automatically create a sub-track for the parameter(s) being controlled, including lanes for generic MIDI controller messages. Make sure that the Track is armed for recording.

    In the screenshot, i added a Parameter Object for MIDI cc#4. Once recorded, all Devices, be they Instrument or Effects, will receive MIDI cc#4. So, mapping that controller is done in the target Device.

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