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    … to route one track in the arrangement directly to the audiocard output, so that the master track is bypassed?

    To make sense, I am talking about the possibility to insert an audio file as reference for my mix, but then obviously this needs to stay unaffected by any of the effects, so that I can do a comparison of the whole mix to the respective track.

    How could this be achieved?




    Use ‘Audition on Focus Track’ in the File Browser’s drop menu.
    When you click on an audio file (*.wav/*.aiff), it will play through the selected track. Make a track with no fx to audition samples dry.

    I was going to suggest, if you have fx on the Master track(1), to unhide the Audio Out slot(2)




    … but this doesn’t yield auditioning as expected.
    Placing audio files on the unhidden Audio Out track lane(3), however, will bypass fx in child tracks. Use that lane for your dry reference sample(s).

    In principle it is best to leave fx slots on the Master track empty. Use sub-mix group tracks to work with independent streams before they’re sent to the soundcard device.


    THank you so much for taking time to answer my question!

    Your answer actually help me think of workarounds and I think I could indeed leave the master Track with no fx, then create a ”sub-master” and make all the track into child-tracks of that…

    I am at the work now, but I’ll give it a try later.

    Thank you!



    I have a question which maybe you can help me with.

    I have been trying to find a way to connect different projects I have created to each other. So it would be similar to a remix, for instance made of several 5 minute track’s I have created before hand. I have tried opening a project, rendering bouncing the master and moving the bounced audio to a new track and then saving the track as a template with timeline events. Then open the project I want to connect it to and adding a new track in it in which I open the saved template of the track which holds the bounced master of the previous project, but whenever I do this the bounced project will not display itself on the new track, just straight horizontal lines are displayed on its time line, no audio signature at all. Am I doing it wrong? Is there an easier way to accomplish what I want? I know I can’t just save all the track,s separately as templates and then opening all of them them into one project because of cpu overload.
    Any advice or feedback on this matter would be appreciated.

    Yours sincerely.

    J. Dingenouts.

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