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    Hey, I wrote this song for the girlfriend…. I haven’t shown it to her yet… I was hoping to get a little feedback:

    I used Podium free… with some Kontakt samples… “Massive” synths and a bunch of freeware effects and instruments

    thoughts? Particularly I’m looking for feedback on production value….. so eq-ing… leveling and whatnot….. although any feedback is appreciated


    That song is unabashedly romantic…I like it! Sounds to me like you’ve been making songs for a while, no? I’m used to monotony in many songs, but you’ve got lots of variety throughout to keep the ears going. Production wise, I can’t tell, as it’s an mp3 and all, but I heard all the elements. Good job, and the girl’s gonna love it.


    Dude. Amazing is all I can say. I’m following ya on SoundCloud. I gave my input on the song. Check out my one demo if you like. = )


    She will undoubtedly weep with joy.
    You’re a consummate songwriter.

    The only constructive criticism I can offer is to do with instrumentation and your vocal takes. Firstly, the piano preset could be revised to a less ‘General Midi Soundcard Synthesizer’ sound. Secondly, the interaction between your uneffected and the vocoder effected vocal lines are lively but the latter overwhelms the former at times. Re-balanced and your girlfriend will clearly appreciate your lyricism.

    Your voice matches the mood of the song perfectly. It has character, clarity and strength.

    The only destructive criticism I can offer is that your girlfriend may end up with a heap of girls competing for your attention.


    thanks for the feedback, everyone I appreciate it. I’m gonna try to re-balance the vocals… as far as piano…. I’ll see If I have a better sound



    A “A heap of girls may be competing for your attention.”

    Ah…that comes with good music, and being a gender. If a man makes a good song women want to “know him better”. If a woman makes a good song men want to know “her better”.[and personally too… 😛 😆 8) ]


    I had a listen and thought it was pretty good as well. I think my fiance would do anything for me to write a song like that about her! Unfortunately, it will probably never happen. 😛

    It sounded really well done. I thought the vocals weren’t clear enough though. It is most likely due to what others say. The effect seems a bit strong, if it’s layered then the dry vocals maybe need to come through, if it’s only the effected vocals, maybe it needs dry a little? Either way, it sounded like it blended too much with the song, making it less clear.

    It wouldn’t take much editing, and then I honestly couldn’t critique it negatively any further! Good work!


    very good…I am jealous of your songwriting chops. You know a song is well written when you think to yourself “I would never write anything that sounds like that…but that is friggin’ awesome!”

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