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    I’m writing this straight from my brain so if it’s messy, sorry.

    I was working on my “The Lucky One” remix, and of course many of the users on this forum knew about it. I’ve had troubles with Podium in the past and my biggest one completely derailed me from using Podium.

    I had more than 50 tracks in Podium running on my new “midrange” PC studio setup. I put Podium on the setup and of course sent the project to the new PC. I thought: “Hey, maybe it’s my single core crappy CPU vs my new dual core that is hanging up full smooth playback for my remix.”[and yes I had ASIO and everything with it.]

    After I rendered most of the 50 something tracks, and hit the “spacebar” audio was pausing and interrupted-like even on the new PC setup. It shot my hopes down again after I was reminded that the free version of Podium is a crippled version of the full paidware version “CPU wise”.

    Why cripple plugin multiprocessing for the free version? Most want to mix their songs on a multicore setup and it’s “crippled” on setups such as that? I understand, Frits needs money for his hardwork and some sort of income from his hardwork, but why cripple plugin multiprocessing for the free version?

    Anyway it turned me off so much I actually went to Cockos “REAPER” and to my surprise it’s not crippled in any way for multiprocessing. I customized the controls[which is also a thing I saw in the past that people wanted in Podium but was never implemented] to what I was used to in Podium, and ported all my Podium MIDI project files into REAPER. REAPER read them right away and put everything where it was supposed to be. So far I have yet to have a serious problem with REAPER. Only problem is after 60 tracks of “unrendered” tracks I have to render “something” to lessen the load on my dual core CPU. Otherwise the audio is interrupted, versus Podium WITH ALL rendered files having still interrupted audio or “problems with playback”. [Hell it even has it’s own detailed “Task Manager” which shocked the hell out of me. So I know now which plugin/track is using the most CPU]

    AMD Athlon 2.3Ghz OEM Dual Core CPU
    2GB 800Mhz DDR2 Dual Channel RAM
    160GB Western Digital Blue Caviar SATA 3Gb/s[Gigabits] 7200RPM HDD
    TR1 CPU Cooling Fan from Thermaltake[and this fan is crazy good and lowering CPU temps]
    Windows XP Pro 32bit OEM

    Now, I like Podium. It has a good UI and “ok” controls, but these problems and features being requested and not implemented because Frits wants to be a one man DAW show will not get better for him. I can only see it getting worse. I’m sure there are some capable people that can lend you a hand in the development of Podium and asking for nothing “HUGE” in return, maybe even do some updates for your program for FREE, but whether you take this as and offense or not Frits I see you as being one stubborn man. You want the development of Podium to be fantastic, and you want people to know about Podium, yet ideas and many good features are held up because you wish to be a one man show.

    If people like others get fed up and leave and go to a company that offers what you cannot offer due to your stubborness and then sales go down for Podium, what will you do then? Stop development for it? Completely? I would not like to think that could be possible for a potentially good DAW but it seems very likely that it will. You will have people who dicover your program, like it in the beginning and when they ask for more technical results, you can’t deliver because you don’t have time to put in to Podium to make these features possible within a time limit.

    You even mentioned that due to your other tasks in life, that your total full time in developing Podium will decrease a lot. What if in that time more users get here wondering why can’t they have features they are used to from other DAW companies? No offense to those here who know a lot about Podium, but I think most would want to hear from Frits, the “one man crew” who made the program. Especially since he’s the only dev on the entire project.

    Now I know some people have offered to help you, but I get the feeling you just want to do this “alone”. Which is fine, because it’s your project, but what bad is that you can’t devote a lot of time into Podium. SO what then? People see “untapped potential”, get upset and leave to another DAW. Is this what YOU want deep down? Because if so, you mind as well advertise other DAW’s on your website and not yours.

    The problems I see are:[and may not know the technical “Podium remedies”, which I shouldn’t because Frits wants stability and smooth functionality, so me knowing remedies for a program I didn’t make shouldn’t be a issue.]

    -Slow plugin loading
    -When the project is fully rendered it “feels” like Podium is STILL using the CPU to keep the plugin active even though the track have been rendered into a .wav. [which makes no damn sense whatsoever]If a track is “MUTED” all [CPU]processes from that track should cease, not “crank down”.
    -Not a detailed CPU meter of what is running and taking the most CPU and what’s not.
    -When loading a project it takes a while to load all the plugins used in the project.[whether they are heavy CPU load plugins or NOT, trust me I’ve did it]
    -No “backup saves”, just in case something happens and closes Podium[yes, we’ve had this discussion, but it’s been confirmed that Frits has no reason to implement such a feature. I mean even a “browser” has it like FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, why can’t Podium have it?]
    -Importing plugins manually[it should do it automatically, and even ask/prompt if you “would like to import “X” newly discovered plugin[s]”]
    -Using your Keyboard as a MIDI keyboard[need an example? Download LMMS –Linux Multimedia Studio– and open the piano roll and hit a bunch of letters on your keyboard]
    -Customizable Keys[would be kind HELPFUL, since sometimes hitting a key could mess something UP]
    -Plugin multiprocessing is disabled[Why? In this day and age of multiprocessing computers why disable that in the free version? Hell even new cellphones and mobile devices in general are heading towards mobile dual/quad cores.]


    “Development concentrates on quality and stability. Software updates are released frequently with an active user-driven development cycle.”

    Were you LYING when you put that on your main page? Does this only count for the “easy updates” you can just throw into Podium? Does this only count for those paying you? Because active users could mean the paying ones vs. the free users. And I’m pretty sure free users outnumber the paying ones.

    Anyway, I’m using REAPER. Until Podium shells out something useful and “uncrippled” then I’ll consider reusing the program. For now I’ll use the “uncrippled evaluation” version of REAPER. Which even the devs know that AFTER 30 days you can still click “still evaluating” and use an uncrippled REAPER. Maybe you should learn something from them Frits. Because most[not all] REAPER free users it seems eventually becomes paying users.

    Take this post as offensive of not but most of it is concerning the future of Podium, and the current problems I believe it has.


    Hey Infinitoar šŸ˜‰

    Why cripple plugin multiprocessing for the free version?

    Podium free doesn’t support multicore CPUs, only the paidware version as you read. Anyway Podium should have any advantage over Podium Free. To be honest I think that the free version of Podium is the most generous “lite” version you will find. There are other famous hosts that doesn’t support multicore CPU in their full versions even…

    Also Podium free only support one Midi Out, because… if you can spends hundred of dollars in them, you can spend $50 in Podium.

    You could be using Reaper, but if you use it more than 30 days you would be ‘stealing’ the software. Reaper isn’t free, it costs $60.

    I’m sure there are some capable people that can lend you a hand in the development of Podium and asking for nothing “HUGE” in return

    Yes, I’m developing my own plugins in C++ and maybe I could help to Podium development, but I need more experience .

    -Slow plugin loading
    -When the project is fully rendered it “feels” like Podium is STILL using the CPU to keep the plugin active even though the track have been rendered into a .wav. [which makes no damn sense whatsoever]If a track is “MUTED” all [CPU]processes from that track should cease, not “crank down”

    I didn’t see that.

    -Not a detailed CPU meter of what is running and taking the most CPU and what’s not.

    I don’t miss that, i focus on make music and I know my plugins, so I guess what’s the problem and how could I solve it. Try bouncing whitin range, maybe that helps šŸ™‚

    -When loading a project it takes a while to load all the plugins used in the project.[whether they are heavy CPU load plugins or NOT, trust me I’ve did it]

    Usually that’s plugin dependent. There is some fast and few slow plugins. My own plugins two months ago spend around 4 seconds to load in Podium, now 0.3 seconds (aprox)

    -No “backup saves”

    I think someday I will remake my Ctrl-S macro šŸ˜› I don’t miss it because I’m used to do ctrl-s each 2-3 operations, however I understand your point.

    Using your Keyboard as a MIDI keyboard

    Yes, that’s cool for laptop users. I also miss it when I go with my laptop to another place where I don’t have any midi keyboard.


    You could be using Reaper, but if you use it more than 30 days you would be ‘stealing’ the software. Reaper isn’t free, it costs $60.

    Yet, the devs know people do that and have yet to FIX it. They CAN fix it and make it to where the program will “lock itself” after 30 days but they believe they shouldn’t “force” anyone to buy the full product.

    If you released a EP for free would you FORCE people to BUY your full album? Or give them the option to buy your album?

    And it’s not “stealing”. Stealing is “taking without payment|taking without permission” or “cracking” the software unlocking a feature that was not intended for [demo of]the program. [Like cracking and O.S. for full features or cracking a full studio version of FL Studio]What users have done with Reaper is finding a “cheap” way not to pay for the full program.[at that time] There’s a big difference between “stealing” and “being cheap”. Or even exploiting a weakness that even “developers” know about. They even say on the website that they wish not to give people a “crippled program”, and also not to “force or “nag” people about buying the full license.[Which is $40 for a discounted and 150$ for the full] And as I mentioned above I’m pretty sure they know about people still clicking “Still Evaluating”. And if it was a big issue I’m sure in the most recent update they would have fixed it, but they didn’t. Why? Because people eventually feel guilty and buy the full program anyway. Or just stop using it. But I’m sure if they cared immensely about people clicking that “Still Evaluating” it would be patched and after 30 days the program would lock itself. If the demo version of Podium can do it it, I’m sure the REAPER “team” can make a quick patch to implement it also.

    -Not a detailed CPU meter of what is running and taking the most CPU and what’s not.

    I don’t miss that, i focus on make music and I know my plugins, so I guess what’s the problem and how could I solve it. Try bouncing whitin range, maybe that helps

    Who honestly has the time to “get to know their plugins”? Besides the facts of fully knowing what it’s capable of “sound wise”. You make it sound like I’m marrying the plugins, not using it for it’s featured sound.

    Thanks for the reply but my mind is still set on what i believe could be done for Podium to at least have more stability or more people into the program. And one big thing is, in this day and age[and economy which is still in hell] everyone who wants free stuff wants the best.[or nearly the best]. And for those PAYING for products[no matter what it is]they want a “finished” or at least a close to finalized product. I see Podium still in it’s beta phases[not even 20% finished] and not moving a inch forward but centimeters forward. Maybe even less than that. You alone Liquid will not make the production of Podium faster, and I’m sure Frits knows some individuals that would help him in his project, but- maybe most of them want some “big cut” for helping him. [free help is hard to find or even “discounted” help]

    But he has the full programming of Podium. He’s not released a SDK or Open Source program so other devs can see what they could do to better the program, he’s keeping it to himself. Which as I said is fine, but it’s ALSO “hurting” his development for Podium.

    But he may do as he wishes. It is his program, his brainchild. But while he’s “going solo” other companies may get tips from his program and implement them in their program, call it something else, and have others work or add more amazing user requested features as well.

    Balanced team efforts make good products of society.

    Doing things solo doesn’t get you very far in whatever you wish to push out there in the open world.

    I know. I’ve seen people try and it hurt them more than it hurt their customers. Hell, I was going to produce my own album, but I found out it’s hard doing everything on your own.[such as mastering, etc, etc] Best trust in someone or “others” to help you do things easier and faster. Or even give you some knowledge on what to do as far as a “pipeline” of what you want out there goes.

    But it’s up to Zynewave to do what he thinks is necessary. But I’m not waiting in his final decisions/thoughts. I’ll make my own.[as far as what programs I will use to get MY dreams out there.]


    Infinitoar, I will only add a litte wise sentence: “emotions always are a desesperate and futile attempt to control something”

    Reaper is not free. It doesn’t matter how albums are sold, or where you can find warez, or the global economy, or any other host, or some ethical reasons, or religious reasons. Reaper is Reaper, and it isn’t free. You can demo it 30 days.

    And the most of my plugins are NOT free and that’s the reason I only have a bunch and I know them, and the more I know them, I do better music and I achieve more variety in it, it seems weird, doesn’t it? Just try it šŸ™‚

    I try to give you the best advice I can šŸ˜‰



    Where in the heck did I mention Reaper was free?

    And “no” I didn’t edit anything out. So where did I say Reaper was “free”?

    And “emotions” are what makes us human, otherwise we’d live in a society where emotionless humans just do things like “robots” and then “die”. I don’t know where THAT came from but here’s a saying for you:

    -The definition of “insanity” is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results”.-Albert Einstein

    Insanity=using a crippled Podium Free
    My end result=finding a alternative until Podium shows “physical” promise.

    And yes Reaper isn’t free, but I didn’t mention it WAS. I said you can keep clicking “Still Evaluating” and the devs know people do that. No matter how you put it, it’s NOT stealing. I gave you the perfect definition of “stealing” and “clicking” “still evaluating” isn’t stealing, devs, know, but don’t do anything about it. As I said they could easily patch it but they obviously CHOSE NOT to. People have ADMITTED doing that on the REAPER forums and I’m sure the devs have read it and discovered it but did they do anything? No.

    Maybe you don’t get what I mean, maybe your believing I’m advertising for REAPER but the fact remains on Podium whether you want to admit it or not:

    Podium being a “one man show” isn’t helping Frits, it’s slowly destroying his development.

    Before you defend Podium again blindly do this:

    How many people pay for REAPER[or any other DAW] vs. people paying for Podium. And this is the fact that Podium has a crippled free version[with not a lot of features people need/want] and Reaper having the UNPATCHED feature of using the FULL DAW after 30 days.

    [and I have yet to see legal action taken by Cockos for a user using it beyond 30days, because it’s not the users fault it’s the devs fault, a FAULT the devs aren’t going to fix because they KNOW what they are doing.]

    Just try it

    and see what results you get.


    What are you even arguing about?

    As Frits said himself, developing Podium is just something he loves doing. It’s a life-long hobby (if you want to call it that) which he can’t make a living off. He’s not as fortunate as the person developing Reaper (who is a multi-millionaire). You can be sure of one thing, though: Frits would still do this even if nobody had ever bought a licence.

    We (the users who ARE happy with this program) should be thankful that he even decided to offer it on sale in the first place.
    If you don’t like the product, pick another one. Shouting at the developer and calling him a liar isn’t going to help your case. šŸ˜•

    How many people pay for REAPER[or any other DAW] vs. people paying for Podium.

    You can’t tell. You could count Podium licensees by their forum accounts (I suspect there are a few hundred). There’s no way to know how many people paid for other programs, so what relevance does this have.

    Look, the person who started Reaper already was a multi-millionaire. Even though he claims that Reaper is a self-sustaining business – regardless of whether this is true or not, he simply does not need to give a damn about people unrightfully ignoring that they have to buy Reaper after 30 days or stop using it.
    If he had to, Reaper would have copy protection. Podium by the way doesn’t have any protection either, because Frits trusts us.

    Also, guess what, there are people just as unhappy with Reaper’s development as you are with Podium’s. You need to realize that there’s no single perfect product in this world, free or not.

    [and I have yet to see legal action taken by Cockos for a user using it beyond 30days, because it’s not the users fault it’s the devs fault, a FAULT the devs aren’t going to fix because they KNOW what they are doing.]

    I have yet to see Steinberg suing someone for using Cubase while ignoring the licence agreement… Perhaps “Still Evaluating” is the new “Try before buy”! (Just kidding.)


    On the subject of MIDI on the go.

    There are mini MIDI controllers ranging from 40 to 100 USD.

    You can find the Korg Nano Key for 40 bucks, avg. 50

    Akai LPK25 down to 50, avg 60

    LPD8 down to 60, avg. 70

    Mini MPK down to 80, avg. 100

    These are not expensive and they work great.


    Who said I was arguing?

    I was stating how I felt about the development of Podium.

    Yes it may make me sound like a asshole comparing it to another DAW, but I did. Get over it. People compare things all the time.

    And stay on the subject. I’m not talking about who’s rich and who isn’t I’m talking about why isn’t Frits getting more people on the project he can trust to help the steady flow of Podium. What, he doesn’t trust ANYONE? Or does he want to be stubborn and go it alone?

    I don’t use Cubase or whatever, I used Podium and Reaper. And I don’t know the history of the Reaper developer and neither do you or anyone else so whatever you read stop believing it as if your reading a bible.[Where did you get your info from, Wikipedia? LMAO! The place where ANYONE can modify “facts” about a person? The “internet”? Another place people can MODIFY facts about someone? Talk to him 1st, and ask him about his life before making assumptions.] You don’t know the guy nor his life and assuming he’s rich from “what you heard” doesn’t help your comment one bit. Because it has nothing to do with this overall topic.

    And I didn’t “call him a lair” I ASKED if he was lying(or true to his words) on his mainpage. There’s a difference but I’m sure the hardcore Podium users don’t know that. Just as soon as someone has a opposing opinion, here come the attack dogs of Zynewave Podium to tear someone a new one and make them feel unintelligent. Yay for you all. You make any new user with an opposing opinion feel right at home.

    And yes I did find something else to make music with. And I enjoy it. I don’t care how everyone else is having problems with it I’m not.[because that’s what matters to me and my development of MY music] It’s not slowing my process of music creation, it’s benefiting it. Greatly.

    I want Podium to do the same as far as development, but you all over-read that message. Why don’t you grab a gun, find me, put it to my head and say: “If you don’t agree Podium is a great program, I’ll blow your fu***** brains out.”

    And I can tell who pays for which program more. That’s like being dull minded and saying: I wonder what media players are bought more, “iPod’s or Zune’s?” If you don’t know please exit the rock your living under and join modern day society.

    But as usual I can already feel the glaring eyes at the screens of your PC’s. So I’ll say this and maybe you all will understand–

    -Frits why don’t you have more people on the development of Podium?

    -Frits why did you lock multiprocessing for the free version?(most people’s PC’s have more than one core now, even mobile devices are getting to that point)

    -Frits do you think having a small team you can trust will help you development go a “bit” faster? Do you have anyone you can trust?

    -Frits I’m using Reaper now due to some problems in Podium that are hindering my workflow and I can only hope you can add more features to Podium so I can start reusing the program, because it is a great program to use but it’s a lot features that are missing that I cannot wait for.

    -Frits I hope you understand but for now I cannot use you program until a later date.”

    But knowing you “attack dogs” trained to snuff out any immediate text like danger to Podium go ahead, twist my words, add some things that have nothing to do with my concerns, add meanings to what I said, that I didn’t type, and more and more gibberish and “heads stuck in the dirt” like comments.

    It’s a great program.
    But he needs to do some things to make this thing worth mentioning. Otherwise it’ll just be some “baby step” program people will use then go to the other DAW spend a bit more and get a lot more features than Podium.

    Or I could be a real asshole and grab the full version demo and crack it.


    I could be a honest, caring individual and say what I don’t like and see what is done to correct it.

    I mean I’ve been using Reaper for a while now, and it shows some concerning care that I decided to come back and try to lay a comment to my concerns of Podium development. Because I WANT Podium to be a epicly used program. I don’t want to suggest it to someone or some artists I know they use it and most if not ALL of them get pissed off because it doesn’t do what they are used to.[Stability, features, easy on the CPU, etc]

    And for those thinking: Hey man that “economy” excuse is getting old, –do this then comment-

    Come to the U.S.[if you don’t live in the U.S.]
    Live in a shit state AND city
    “Try” to get a decent job
    “Survive” as best you can with the little money you make. Oh. And try to use freeware to make your dreams come true as best as possible.
    Do it for 2 years(and more)
    Have a job lay you off with no pay.(for a week almost)
    Try to actually find a program that won’t “fu**” you over once you “manage” to scrape together some money.[Like MAGIX already did so I don’t trust them at all anymore]
    Lose that money to extra bills.
    Rinse and repeat. (until hopefully you trying so hard to find something better than decent pays off. Which hasn’t happened “yet”)

    Now comment. (but watch somehow someone says something like: I’ve had it hard, blah blah blah isn’t reason for you to diss Frits or Podium blah blah you can still buy Podium……yeah I’m not going into pure details of my life but money isn’t easy with a crap economy, but what do you all care right? I’m “offending” Podium! Yay!(sarcasm)

    Anyway after this say what you want, I’m getting back to my album. Much to do, very little time. Good luck Frits and I hope you at least understand. I don’t care what your “attack dogs” say. I will check back on Podium to see what’s been added or not. I won’t forget the program that started me out.

    And I am truly grateful.

    Believe me, or not.


    What do you need?

    I was a Cockos customer until Podium had relative snap. Then I sold my Reaper license. Podium fullfill the most of my needs (multicore version), better than any host . Maybe it doesn’t fullfill your needs, that’s the reason I’m asking you.

    Podium free is like Podium “demo v.2”. Maybe you need multicore support, other person could need two midi outputs. But, what if Free version support multicore processors… why should you buy the full version? btw anybody with a modern PC can spend $50 in Podium.

    Don’t talk me about work, in Spain there are 4 millons of people (20% of active population) without work. I’m one of them šŸ‘æ but I do everything I can to earn some spare: learning english, fixing electric problems, making music, producing my own plugin etc. I’m willing to go to USA or Germany.

    And you should see another famous real musician I know here in Spain . He is using a PC with Sonar 3.1.1

    Lion, nanoKey now is for $30. New. THis is because Korg is going to release nanoControllers v2.


    Infinitoar, I don’t like your tone. You are very defensive, but no one has attacked. You attacked first, because of your feelings no doubt, and people were defending some elements, and trying to be helpful, and you strike back. I am sorry if you can’t see this, but this is how it has been.

    I won’t be responding to any of your specific points as others already have been, reasonably at that (more reasonably than I would), and because the language you use, the way you go about saying it, is so coloured by emotion that it’s like you’ve taken it personally.

    I was very, very upset when Assassin’s Creed 2, a computer game, decided to use a digital rights management scheme that meant I refused to pay for the product (and to be clear, I don’t pirate either), so I missed out on the game. But I don’t hate the developers for it, and I wouldn’t “rant” (my word, interpret as you wish) to them about it. I might have left feedback, but not in the way you have. If I really wanted to make a solid point or two to a developer, I would not do it the way that you have.

    I didn’t take their decision personally. Instead, I chose to move my money to where I felt decisions matched more what I support.

    Sometimes it is sad when developers which produce things you love start seeming to not do these things anymore, or hold a product up, when you can see so clearly how things should be. I am guilty of this, to some degree, from the energyXT forum on KVR, during the migration to the second version. I assure you, it’s not the right way to go about it, it doesn’t help anyone (nor you to feel better), and nothing will come of it. Better to put your money where your mouth is, rather than the words.

    And, unlike previously, please don’t take any point here I’ve made personally. Apply to this post what you wanted others to apply in yours.

    I’m writing this straight from my brain so if it’s messy, sorry.

    I won’t be responding further either, as I know the dangers of that, and have fallen for it many times myself. šŸ™


    @LiquidProj3ct wrote:

    Lion, nanoKey now is for $30. New. THis is because Korg is going to release nanoControllers v2.

    Wouldn’t surprize me, those prices I listed are purely front page. Just to show how little it can cost without much effort.

    I did see the second series and I’m thinking to get the nanopad2. IF it doesn’t have the same problems as the first one.


    @Lion wrote:

    I did see the second series and I’m thinking to get the nanopad2.

    This is all I know:


    As I thought more defensive people for Podium.

    I said what was on my mind with no intention of “sugar coating it”. That’s my way of constructive criticism. You guys[and girls? May never know who’s on here]may put smiley faces and all that jazz but I don’t really have time for that.

    But to be clear, whatever you “think” I’m doing probably isn’t a good thing because if you don’t know the person, really shouldn’t “assume” how they feel, or what they’re thinking.

    As I said Podium is a good program but it isn’t good for “my” audio production. And if he chooses to lock the feature I would need, and mostly if everyone would need, then it’s Frits’ problem, not mine. It was only a question of why would he do that since tech is upgrading faster and faster by the year.

    As an idea maybe he should release a really good feature then unlock multiprocessing. Or make a really good feature and keep it locked. It’s his decision.

    I learned on the internet, words “have no audio form”. So assuming I’m “taking it personally” really doesn’t justify anyone’s claim. I don’t use emotes here or overly excessive “exclamation” points, so of course it would “sound” like I’m being rude, but to each his/her own.

    It is true that in one perspective I have taken what Podium can’t do for me to heart, because I wanted to produce my 1st “freeware” album in Podium, but when I run into trouble with the program, it irritates the heck out of me. Because then I have to stop what I’m doing[which is the music I love to make], come here, make some detailed comment, and “wait” for a response that will help my issue. And that’s a 50/50 thing. I don’t have time for that. Maybe you all do but I don’t.

    And when I called Frits stubborn, if he IS, then I understand because on most things I do in my time[or life] I’m stubborn on also because I trust myself more than I trust others. But I don’t really like talking about my “life” on the internet, tends to be put from one place to another, and then “modified” and maybe even stuck on Wikipedia. Yay Wikipedia. But overall that’s why I was wondering if he was “stubborn” on his project or development for Podium. Maybe he had a past experience where he HAD someone on it and they didn’t live up to their promise, I don’t know, I really don’t care, because it’s HIS personal life. If he feels comfortable to type it out, then it’s entirely up to him.

    I took my time from mixing to do what I always do when I’m having a issue with Podium, stop my music production, come here, and type my butt off, and see if any “good responses come back”. 80-90% are defensive ones so, yeah, I say what’s on my mind, back. Like I said, I don’t sugar coat anything, and I don’t respond back the way I want to if I believe no one has responded to me “negatively”. Maybe you all have had issues of negative people on this forum before I got here but whatever. Another reason I should have trusted my gut feeling and stay away from forums. Lots of defensive, angry people, not a lot of actual people with a “stay on topic” attitude. But, whatever.

    To end all of this:

    I will send Frits a private message either on here or on his YouTube account. Because I believe I will be satisfied from an answer from him, himself.

    And again I will check to see if any new features or updates have been added to Podium in general. Because the way I see it, which I know most will type a response to this is this:

    Why pay 50$ for half a program when I can spend 50 more and get a full program. [Yes, Reaper isn’t my last stop to DAW’s. Fruity Loops is.]And no one “but” Frits can patch/update/add features to Podium, so $50, new features when he “has time” to put them in, and repeatedly going back to the forum “pausing” music production and then waiting for a response to help with the problem? Then the features in Podium most if not all I don’t even use.[Here’s something you could laugh at, I don’t know what the heck “ReWire is” but I’ve had no reason to use it]No thank you. “To me” it isn’t worth $50. Maybe when more updates/stability issues/smoother running/more features/etc has been implemented, it would be worth $50 if not more.


    I just found Podium and think that the pricing / features are just fine…… 8)


    “I said you can keep clicking “Still Evaluating” and the devs know people do that. No matter how you put it, it’s NOT stealing.”

    This is wrong…..

    That screen that you ignore states that you MUST buy it or delete from your system….is there something in there that is not clear?

    After 30 days if you do not pay, and you keep using it, you are a thief, case closed. Unlike the free version of Podium, you are required to buy it.

    And fixed income here, real struggles in a real world, and I saved up for it…took 7 months to get $60 šŸ˜Æ , but did it…so no sob stories please….. šŸ˜†

    Is there an ignore button on this forum? šŸ˜† 8)

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