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    Donald S. Griffin

    Regarding Podium Curves:

    To ask the question I need to lay a bit of background. Please bare with me.

    Velocities usually follow rhythmic combinations of strong and weak. If you have constant velocity values and you apply a pattern like this you gain a much more natural sounding result. The pattern can generally be considered a nested set of pairs. Down beat is strong. Up beat is weaker. By dividing each note value by two and making the first of the pair stronger and the second weaker, then, again subdividing each of these notes and making its second half weaker you get a simple pattern that could be used as a template on pretty much anything. For example I might end up with 2 Half notes with these Velocity Values:
    100 90
    Then 4 Quarter notes with these values:
    100 80 90 80
    Then 8 Eighth notes with these values:
    100 60 70 60 80 60 70 60 90 60 70 60 80 60 70 60
    And it can continue 128th notes if necessary.

    I was thinking that MAYBE a Podium Bar Curve could be designed just once with this pattern. Then applied to whatever velocity pre-exists on notes in a track. THEN a Spline curve could applied ON TOP OF THAT to create an overall phrasing. ❗ ❗ ❗

    Could Podium do this? You could just drag and drop different premade bar curves with different numbers for the strong and weak beats.

    Basically this should cause a note’s velocity to be strengthened formulaically according to where its beat falls in the bar curve pattern. If it works at all it should work for any combination of notes found in that section. Then you could create a few different bar curves to suit your taste of how strong or weak the velocity values should be in realtion to each other. If there is a Strength setting for how strong the influence of a curve should be on the original content that would be even better.


    🙂 I had to read this three times.

    You can’t do that in Podium currently. The spline curves can only be applied to parameters and not note on/off velocities.

    This sounds like the perfect job for a MIDI plugin, where you then in Podium could assign a spline curve to a parameter in the MIDI plugin that would adjust the overall phrasing. I would rather implement support for MIDI plugins in Podium, than begin to implement native support for these specific algorithmic functions.

    Donald S. Griffin

    As far as I am concerned the heart of my idea is using bar type curves to imprint the strong vs weak velocity patterns. Is this possible ❓

    You referred only to spline curves. I don’t know if you meant ONLY spline curves or if you were using that as a generic term for ALL Podium curves 😕

    In summary, can BAR curves be applied to velocities?

    Also, is the hierarchical weighted nesting of curves possible ❓ (for other data types than velocity.)


    In summary, can BAR curves be applied to velocities?


    Curve sequences (nomatter what format) can only be used to control parameter objects. Not note on/off velocities.

    Also, is the hierarchical weighted nesting of curves possible (for other data types than velocity.)

    No. I wrote more about this in the ‘Velocity onto CC?’ topic.


    I think Donald has a good idea there, but I also agree with Frits that a MIDI plugin would be the better way to do, it would be far more adaptable.

    So there we go. I might look into desgning such a thing. We’ll see..


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