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    I have a strange problem

    When i have a track tree as above:
    – a synth (to test crystal)
    – – leveltrack parametertrack (muted)
    – audio track (24bit file)
    [cycle-mode] (i don’t think its relevant)

    The sound file will play louder and louder after every cycle till there is heavy distortion. Even if I don’t play a while and then resume it also has became louder and very distorted.

    I think it is related to the curve and the way it is drawn. it’s repeatable every time. If the curve is straight (more or less horizontal) it doesn’t happen. But when the curve is going up as shown below and I mute the curve the audio and synth will go louder and louder till complete distortion
    The files have normal levels, and the initial levels are normal too but somehow they go up and out of control

    If the curve is not muted the files will play the volumes of the curve (fade in or out etc). It happens only if the curve is muted.

    It doesn’t matter if the curve is going up or down >> same problem.
    with some fairly horizontal curves the sound sometime goes down till complete silence

    What I also find strange is that the level track has an influence on the sound track (lowest track). The sound track goes strait to the master track so i don’t see why any level track to which it is not streaming can have effect on it



    Hi Eli,

    Congrats, you have found a bug 😉

    I am away from home currently, but will check it tomorrow night. The escalating audio is a bug I have seen before. Apparently I didn’t find all occasions where it occurred.





    If you make routing as in the picture,
    – with a curve going up and placing it under the synth
    – play once and then mute
    – the level will will increase

    I also find it bizar that the the level track is affecting all tracks if it is placed at the same hierarchical level. So no track is streaming thrue it and level is not streaming to any track. Still it affects all the tracks.

    Also when two VSTi tracks are on the same hierarchical level (H-level 2) and a level parameter track is streaming thrue the bottem one (H-level3), the first VSTi is also affected.

    I don’t expect tracks on the same hierarchical level to affect eachother.



    I think I know what it is that is confusing you. I need to find a way to highlight this in the UI:

    A track with a mixer level parameter will control the mixer level of the closest audio enabled track. Either the parameter track itself or the first parent track that is audio enabled. In your screendump it appears that your synth track is not audio enabled, so the level track is automating the master track directly (thereby seemingly adjusting the levels of all other tracks feeding to the master track). When you don’t audio enable a track then the Podium mixer does not use processing power to create a mixer feed at that track and simply streams any audio and mixer parameters straight through the track further up the tree. One way to emphasize this in Podium would be to put up a warning button on the level track, saying that it does not control the immediate parent synth track. Any other ideas on how to highlight this in the UI?


    Bug fixed. The explanation I gave above is not entirely correct. You don’t have to set the ‘Audio enabled’ property on the tracks containing plugins. When you assign a plugin on a track then Podium internally creates the mixer feed on the track. Otherwise you wouldn’t see any meters on the track 😳

    Nerd mode: So the bug was simply that the level automation failed in its check for the nearest audio mixing track and wrongfully sent the level events to the master track. The code that aborted level automation when muted, correctly told the plugin track to abort level automation. Hence the level events added to the master track was never aborted, causing the runaway level increase.




    @Zynewave wrote:

    Bug fixed.
    Nerd mode:

    I like nerd mode! can we see more of it?

    My wife calls it ‘explain mode’ in me!


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