Topic: Made midi keboard track, now won’t bounce!

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    c sanders

    I am new to recording, just getting my feet wet. I have looked over the manual and the forum about this topic and can’t find an answer. I have my keyboard hooked in to my computer by USB for midi imput and finally got the track to record. I realizede that I should bouce the track to the master before trying to add another track via midi (because my nice piano sound turned into Bass!). So then I read up on bouncing and tried several different ways but I must be missing something because after I choose render the master track just has 2 flat lines across the whole way, no audio tracks! Help! This did this for both offline or realtime. There di not seem to be any special settings you have to have for it to work.



    so you have recorded some midi notes, right? There is no need to bounce anything to record another track but…
    Do you actually hear any of these notes in the arrangement in Podium when you play them back?
    If you don’t hear anything:
    You probably haven’t assigned any virtual instrument to your recorded track. You need something (like a synthesizer) to play these notes. You could either route them back into your external keyboard (if it isn’t just a midi keyboard) or play them back through a software instrument. Of the latter there are thousands out there. You could try Nucleum ( or something like Synth1 ( Download them and unpack them into a single folder. Point Podium to this folder via Setup->Preferences->Plugins (add it to the “VST plugin scan folders”).
    Afterwards return to the project start page and rebuild your plugin database (Devices box->Rebuild and Load…).
    Now return to your arrangement containing the recorded track and select one of these instruments as source in the track header.
    Hopefully, you should now hear something when playing the arrangement.

    I hope this is a starting point. If you’d like to know more, refer to the “Devices” section in the guide or ask šŸ™‚

    c sanders

    Yes, I can hear them just fine, edited them and everything but wanted to record another midi track so that is why I wanted to bounce them onto the master track. I have my Roland keybord hooked up by USB to record

    c sanders

    Actually the bounce goes through but there is nothing on the tracks I am trying to bounce them to (the master) all the data remains the same on the track I recorded on and child tracks.


    Hello c,

    Each of those child tracks have the ability to render the audio they carry; that means you can bounce at any track. Select the track you want to render and press B or define a segment in the arrangement with Punch In (I) Punch Out (O) and press Alt+B to render within a range.

    Not sure if this advice helps but recording with an USB midi input is easy.
    1. Select your track.
    2. Pull out the menu from the input button and select your midi device.
    3. Pull out the same menu again and select ‘Assign to focus track’.
    4. Record Arm (R) the track and press K to begin recording.

    Now clicking on any track will automatically map the midi input. This also works with audio inputs such as microphones.

    Please refer to this page for further detailed instructions.

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