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    Wearing out my copy of PodiumCM 1.77, I finaly made the only thing left to do. I became a vip member…

    With this exellent program it’s so easy to quickly come up with an arrangement and experiment with different sound sketches and ideas.
    So the one(?) thing I’m missing in Podium is a Videoplayer. I need it to also be able to make movie soundtrack with Podium.

    Which lead me to a formal request for an integrated videoplayer and timeline ruler with TC for film, PAL & NTSC.
    While it’s probably not being around the development corner, I searched the web and found these temporal solutions.



    VST->Winamp Bridge;

    I found that VideoVST worked the best out of these three, but still had things to whish for, e.g.

    It doesn’t start the video if I start playing from the begining of the arrangement,
    no sync while draging (update videoplayer) – (mayby a video thumbnail track in Podium, while I’m at it?),
    by using windows window make the topbar to big when I want to keep the window small (stealing space),
    stealing focus from Podium.

    Has anyone found something else to share on this?



    One very good solution is to use Vegas to play the video and to synchronize it with Podium with internal MTC.
    It works very well (Podium to Vegas only), but I don’t remember what happend with the Vegas trial version after 30 days, if you can continue to play but cannot save (not a problem), or if it doesn’t run anymore.

    I don’t know other video players that can be synced by MIDI.

    Midivid can be useful but not to play and synchronize a full movie.


    @acousmod wrote:

    One very good solution is to use Vegas to play the video and to synchronize it with Podium with internal MTC.

    Nice tip. 😉

    It would be nice as well IMO, to have some sort of Video track in Podium at some stage. If only for a quick basic reference.


    @slomo, welcome to the club.

    Indeed, it would be great to eventually have support for video, in my case more for doing music videos than sound for film.

    +1 for good tips on alternative workarounds.

    Malcolm Jacobson

    I realise this is an old thread but I wanted to add another vote for the addition of time code sync support in Podium.

    I was talking to a colleague who wanted to be able to control program changes in external MIDI hardware from a sequencer synced to time code. I initially suggested Podium as I know it has good support for external MIDI hardware, but then I found out it doesn’t sync to external time code.

    The addition of time code sync would be a great benefit for people working with MIDI in post production.




    There probably are more important things to implement but I just wanted to give my +1 to video preview track…it is an important feature for me and probably for some other people too as a lot of audio hosts support it already.

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