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    Hi guys, I’m starting this topic to find out what everyone needs in terms of MIDI automation on Podium, so we can use our MIDI controllers to control Podium. My required features:

    – Volume faders for tracks
    – Colume fader for master track
    – Pan pots
    – Solo buttons
    – Mute buttons
    – Locate left / Locate right buttons (moves among the marker points)
    – Set button (sets a marker point)
    – In button (sets the loop start)
    – Out button (sets the loop end)
    – Loop button
    – Transport controls: REW, FWD, STP, PLY, REC
    – Navigation arrows (up, down, left, right…my controller has arrow buttons)
    – Extras: Save, Cut, Del, Copy, Paste, Undo, Shift, Control, Alt

    I can live with those for now. How ’bout you guys?



    A few comments to some of your suggestions:

    -Volume faders for tracks:
    Given the hierarchic nature of the engine, there probably will need to be a vertical navigation in addition to the traditional horizontal paging of faders as known on other hosts. You could assign one fader to always be the master, but then allow to step up and down in the hierarchy so that when navigating up, your faders will control the level of all group tracks. A step ‘down’ command would then take the currently selected group and assign subtracks in this group to the faders. There are probably many more solutions to how the hierarchic navigation could be done. There also could be several fader modes. One mode where the faders control the ‘gain’ setting on audio enabled tracks, another mode where they control level automation tracks, and other modes where the faders can be used to control any MIDI, plugin or audio parameter assigned to tracks.

    – Navigation arrows
    I assume you mean there should be some prefixed keys for navigating the tracks and thus assigning faders to tracks. Maybe there should also be a regular navigation control, where you could e.g. navigate between the lists of presets, and navigating sequence events and opening editors etc.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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