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    Hi everyone !

    I’m using Podium Free since june and it’s really amazing !

    The only problem is that my keyboard doesn’t work. I’ve got à P70 Yamaha Piano. In the window “Configure MIDI” I put “USB midi cable” as Midi IN and “USB midi cable” as Midi OUT, but the keyboard doesn’t work, no sound, no key being played. And the strange thing is that when I press the B2 Key, it changes the main Podium windows “Inspector” to “Browser”..

    Could you help me ? The keyboard is ok because I can work with it on Finale.

    Thank you for your help !



    you should only have configured this entries for your P70 Yamaha Piano:
    Setup->Audio/MIDI->MIDI Devices:
    MIDI input interfaces: enable “USB midi cable”
    MIDI output interfaces: enable “USB midi cable”
    Setup->Audio/MIDI->Control Surfaces: NO “USB midi cable” entries!

    + Add new track
    Source: VST instrument or MIDI Outputs – MIDI Out | 01 or your MIDI channel
    Input: MIDI In


    Thank you very much Hermu, now it works !!!

    I’ve got another little question : why, when I create a .wav file after bouncing, the sounds are a little bit differents (in dynamics and balance) than the Podium project ?
    When I listen to my piece on Podium project all it’s fine, but when I listen to the sound file created it’s not exactly as I wanted it to be, for exemple drums are too loud, and when there are a lot of instruments drums become lower..

    Thank you !


    Check the bit resolution when you export the audio file. Try to create an audio file with 24 or 32 bit resolution and see (listen 😉 ) what happens. Note that you’ll need a good media player to play the file (such as VLC).

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