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    I’ve been going back through the Podium Guide recently, but there’s still one thing I don’t quite know how to do. What I want is to use the extra knobs on my controller keyboard to control VST parameters for instruments I’ve loaded. That involves assigning a MIDI CC number to the VST Parameter. When the VST has MIDI learn built in, that’s easy to do. But otherwise, not.

    I’ve figured out that I can create a MIDI Parameter, which lets me use the knobs on my controller to draw a nice curve on an automation lane. The trouble is, if I do it that way the curve isn’t actually attached to anything useful. I can also assign a VST parameter to an automation lane, and that works, but it’s not attached to any knobs on my controller.

    Is there some way I can have both? That is, an automation lane that takes input from a MIDI CC number, which then controls a VST parameter? If that’s possible, I don’t understand how do it.

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