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    This really is deserving of its own thread but… What type of midi plugins would you suggest?

    Yes, better to discuss this in a fresh thread in the Future forum, but just a quick mention here for typical midi plugins such as Chords/Pitch, LFO to drive automation, and an arpeggiator. πŸ˜‰

    So how about it? After the new enhancements are made, and lots of other things are added… What type of midi pugins would you like to see in Podium in the future? To keep it simple I will keep an eye on this thread and continue to add each of your suggestions to the first post here (if it helps). So to get the ball rolling, we would like to see…

    LFO to drive automation


    I think a particular set of MIDI plugins are essential for users/producers who focus primarily on obtaining their sounds by recording VSTi’s. I believe apps such as Live and FLStudio have done well because of robust support for creative MIDI mangling, amongst other features.

    MIDI plugins will help to attract and retain both new and seasoned users.

    I believe the ideas for Plugins mentioned in the above post form the main tools that are expected. Beyond these functions I can only request for a MIDI delay type plug, but that is not essential.

    On a side note, a thread on KVR reveals a new MIDI scripting plug that may appeal to some here. Perhaps Frits may find it useful for developing and testing stuff. With MIDI plugin functionality and the VSTLUA plug I imagine just about any kind of filter or widget can be scripted.

    Thread here:



    Maybe a midi convertor would be handy as well.

    For example I have a Novation BassStation and its filter CC,s are not the standard 71/74cc. At the moment I use Midi-ox to convert them.

    And I,d imagine a Midi CC to Sysex would be handy for many with midi hardware.


    heh… you knew the inevitable EnergyXT 1.4 user comment would appear, didn’t you? πŸ˜›

    honestly, I’m not thinking “hey, tack a modular window on to Podium” or anything stupid like that.
    What I do strongly suggest is that the developer take a serious look at the “groove” track in EnergyXT 1.4. That is one of the coolest features ever. It will take any MIDI generating / modulating / transforming VST plugin, pretty much. You can use the built in arpeggiator, envelope generator, chords generator, etc, or you can drop in tons of third party MIDI VST plugins like the stuff by NicFit, or MDC, or Piz, or smartElectronix. That would be the model I would suggest for some extra research on how to integrate MIDI plugins.

    But, I know that wasn’t the question.
    The plugin(s) that I would love to see as part of the discussion anyway, are:
    a) Arp, prefferably with user-editable patterns, maybe with a scripting window; use something really simple like XML? but that’s getting ahead of myself, just an arp would be very nice.

    b) MIDI LFO, modulation generator, with a MIDI note sample+hold & noise generator, for nice autonomous automation of the instruments and fx on the track.

    c) a programmable chords gen. / seq.
    admittedly that one is a bit wierd, and maybe just something that would amuse me alone. But it would be kind of cool. I just started using the one in XT, after about 4 years of ignoring it. wow it’s neato πŸ˜€

    sorry for the epic post.

    Best regards,
    gabriel (preaching from atop the Podium)


    I’m sure that this is something Frits will tackle in the future. I expect it to gain a little more popularity once he institutes some mechanism to allow midi to travel from one plugin to another.

    I really likethe changes he’s made so far and I’m not gonna push him on this one cause he’s coding like a madman right now and I just appreciate his efforts. πŸ™‚


    I would also like to use MIDI plugins in Podium!

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