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    Recently I purchased a M-Audio mobile pre for my setup (because I purchased an old electric guitar for very cheap). I also now have the spare cash to upgrade to a full podium version, but I want to make sure that the interface can record directly into podium without issue. The device is supposed to have ASIO drivers included.

    Would testing the drivers on the free version ensure that it will also work on the pro version? I’m hoping it will arrive yet this week so I can start playing with full podium this weekend.


    Hi DarkerDepths,

    the free version has no restriction with regards to audio interfaces/drivers. The differences are:

      – MIDI interface setup is limited to one input and one output.
      – 64-bit mixer engine option is disabled.
      – Plugin multiprocessing is disabled.
      – ReWire is disabled.
      – Surround-sound playback is disabled.

    You can also try the demo of the full version from the download section and make sure that your interface is working.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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