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    As i recall i could move clips between tracks by selecting that clip, hold shift to lock the event on the timeline and drag it to the other track.

    That doesn’t seem to work anymore, because shift doesn’t lock the event anymore. Is this a bug? I am using the 64-bit version 3.2.0.


    Hello MelodyMan,

    The behaviour you’re after is still there. The following applies to, sound and midi sequence events on the tracks timeline, as well as midi notes in editors:

    Shift + click + drag
    Disables quantize snap.

    Click + drag + Alt
    Constrains an event to its timed position (the function you want).
    Alt + click + drag
    Adjusts the length of events.

    holding Ctrl after you begin these drag operations
    Creates an alias copy of selected events.
    double tap + hold Ctrl once you start these drag operations
    Creates an unique copy of selected events


    Thanks man, that is great info!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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