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    Is there a MIDI sync feature? That other MIDI devices can start/stop podiums transport? IE, when I connect a MIDI drum machine I would like to set podium to MIDI sync, then when I click on record/play in podium, it would wait for the start/stop signal from the drum machine, then when I start the drum machine, podium would start recording.

    I know podium receives start/stop signals, because I can start the drum machine and podium will start/stop playing, but does not sync when recording.



    Sorry for the late reply. If by sync you mean Podium should lock to the tempo of the drum machine, then no. Podium needs to be the clock master. You can enable MTC and/or Timing Clock for each MIDI output in the Interfaces dialog. This should enable the drum machine to lock to the tempo set in Podium.

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