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    I’d like to see multiple VST plugin locations allowed. That way I could install large sample based synths on seperate partitions. I know I can usually assign the audio part of a plugin to a seperate partition during installation and install the .dll in the VST plugin folder but not all plugins allow this or work well when this is done.

    Also, a seperate folder for audio in the main song project folder would be useful. Don’t know if this is already implimented but in Sonar this is possible and helps to keep all elements of a song together in one folder. It makes it possible to identify every part of a song project without having to look for that particular songs audio in one big audio folder.


    The VST folder you select during setup is used as default location. Plugins imported from this folder (or subfolders) can be stored in the project as relative paths, making it easy to migrate a project to another PC system with a different base VST folder. You can import plugins from outside of this folder, only they will be stored in the project using an absolute path.

    The separate folder for audio files per arrangement is on the plan. I’ll put a higher priority on it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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