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    Hello, how would one set up multiple nki’s in a single Konakt instance to each output onto a separate Podium track?

    An ideal situation would have 3 Podium group tracks with 16 tracks within each of these groups. Each group track would have its own Kontakt instance with 16 nki files. Though the group track itself would host an instance of Kontakt, it would not play audio straight from Kontakt. Instead, audio outputted from Kontakt to any of the 16 tracks within the group would play audio through the group track.


    You should not assign the Kontakt instance to the group track, but instead assign the MIDI and audio channel mappings to child tracks within the group track. You can set that up quickly by dragging e.g. the ‘Kontakt 5 #1’ folder from the devices panel onto the blank area below the last track lane. If you need multiple global Kontakt instances, or special arrangements of mono/stereo channels, you’ll need to use the ‘New Instance’ context menu and edit the mappings within the instances.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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