Topic: Muting motorized fader automation not working

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    Yeah that would be an amazing feature, but I understand it can’t be implemented soon. That is ok. What you have done already is amazing and so simple to get going, and I especially appreciate not having to restart the program to recognize MIDI and control surface devices!

    I’ll play around with what you have some more now knowing what I can’t accomplish, and I hopefully will find a different way to make my workflow easier.


    Hello again,

    Do you foresee near-future implementation of having the control surface channel record arm act as a toggle for simulated fader touch rather than having to hold it?

    It is currently extremely difficult to simply sit and listen to a looping song section while making EQ tweaks. Having multiple parameter tracks all set to ignore previously recorded data and overwrite it (without having to hold buttons for each while mixing multiple parameters at once) would make a major difference.

    Thank you


    I’ve given it some thought, and at the moment I think changing the behavior of the parameter track record toggle buttons will make things too complex. Maybe you are familiar with the ’embedded editor parameters’ feature, that you can enable with the check button in the inspector parameter panel. This allows you to add parameter controls to the mixer strips that are not automated, but at the moment these parameters are not available on control surfaces. This would be the better solution I think, so I would prefer not to implement workarounds on the parameter track behavior. Unfortunately extending the control surface support is still quite low on my todo list.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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