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    Donald S. Griffin

    On other topics I brought up the idea of nested or layerd curves.

    We also talked a bit about marketing Podium.

    When I am checking out a new sequencer, if I find nothing new and special I stop looking. Its just not worth the trouble unless there is something special about it.

    Unfortunately a new sequencer needs to cover all the basics or it will be criticized for that reason.

    I don’t envy your position.

    With that said I think your most prominent unque point is the way you have nested data. Other sequencers package data into folders but yours includes a wider variety of stuff in those packages. I think THAT has to be the focus of your arguement for why somebody should choose Podium over a competing product.

    Because of this I think if you added the ability to have hierarchical layers of data with weighted values it would really make a very strong case for why your current nesting scheme is useful.

    I already explained how a bar graph type curve could (eventually) be used to influence the velocities of notes to imprint a realistic rhythmic emphasis pattern. With a weighting value assigned to the curve that would control how much influence it has to the original data and in comparison to other curves that could be very flexible. The next outer layer could be large phrasing curves.

    Another idea is if you are using one or two curves to control vibrato (one for pitch and the other for volume (all vibrato usually has some of both) then you could lay a larger curve over that which was made to influence both volume and velocity at the same time but maybe with that same curve would influence velocity with a weight of 30 but volume with a wieght of 20. The volume weight would be measured against the influence of the previously mentioned volume curve for the vibrato.

    I suppose these all might be wrapped inside another layer with a volume curve for a fade out.

    Of course there are endless possibilities of fun when it comes to multiple curves affecting resonance and filter cutoffs etc. 😀


    This is precisely how I imagined that suggestions should be posted, and with a clear topic title for future reference. As I mentioned in the other topic, at the present time there are a lot of essential features that I need to work on first priority. This suggestion would require a week or two to implement. Bump this topic in a couple of months, and I may be easier to persuade.


    Hi 😮

    Found this topic and its quite similar to my search for a vst vibrato effect.
    Has it been implemented into the system?

    Cheers 4 now
    d(‘u’)b Shaun


    @Zynewave wrote:

    Bump this topic in a couple of months, and I may be easier to persuade.

    And here we are, more than eight years later :mrgreen:

    Donald left the forum after a short period, so no further efforts were made on this feature request. Times have changed, the Podium featureset has grown, and I try very hard to keep things simple. I think this kind of functionality should be handled by plugins, and IMO it would add unnecessary complexity in order to support this in the Podium UI.


    Pity he left as I think those are the type of people that would enhance the feature set of any DAW.

    I can only imagine the amount of work required trying to get everything implemented that everyone asks for. 😯

    Is there a VST out there that has been written “light” just doing vibrato. 😀

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