Topic: Nucleum Crashes Podium Free 3.2.1

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    Title says it all, for the most part. This issue has occurred upon transferring past project files onto a new laptop. Things used to work perfectly fine, but now not so much. The old projects make use of Nucleum, so when I load them up on the new laptop, they play just fine. I can even swap patches in the drop-down menu when selecting a preset. But as soon as I try to open up the Nucleum interface, Podium Free freezes and refuses to budge. I’ve deleted the .dll file and re-downloaded Nucleum, and I’ve double and triple checked that my routing is correct for finding my VST folders. I’ve tried updating and rebuilding the VST libraries and have tested the VST in new arrangements as well. All with no luck.

    I feel like I originally had this issue before when I first started using Podium on my last laptop, but if that did in fact happen, then I can’t remember what I did to fix it. It’s a shame, because Nucleum is one of my favorite synths to work with. Any sort of support would be greatly appreciated.

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