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    I have uploaded a Nucleum user guide to a new Nucleum section in the Wiki:

    I have attempted to write the guide without too much tech-talk. Hopefully users without experience in synthesis and softsynths can get going with this.

    Comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome.


    Well …that’s pretty near perfect!

    The CPU optimisation tips and Midi CC guide top things off nicely. My only comment would be to perhaps have the links to external content open in a new window.

    There are alot of links on those pages and navigating back can be a hastle.

    The guide itself is excellent! 😀


    Per Lichtman

    I only had a chance to scan through the main page and go back and read about 50% of it but it looks quite good to me. The only thing I am trying to figure out is whether the Mod Warp and Mod Glide parameters would make more sense after the reader read the description of the mod matrix rather than before. In that case, there is of course the issue of continuity, since it all goes from top to bottom, left to right up to that point.

    I suppose one solution would be to simply mention to the reader at the start of the Mod Glide and Mod Warp sections that that they might want to read about the modulation matrix before reading the rest of the section.

    But really, I’m nitpicking: nice manual with clear screenshots and a good outline of the features. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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