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    Hi Frits,

    I was wondering these days, when assessing my VST instruments library, if there is a chance for Nucleum to be updated.

    In itself, is a great little instrument with interesting sounds, more or less the standard for what SynthMaker offered at the time. But in the meanwhile, SM updated to version 2 and I was thinking maybe there are some better/newer/more features that Nucleum can benefit of. Is it possible to recompile?

    In other post I mentioned I needed a sort of arrpegiator in Podium, but I realize a good alternative is that Nucleum (updated version) would offer a nice set of sounds, as it does already, togheter with a nice designed gate/step seq/arrp feature. In my case, that would pretty much suffice the needs.

    The reason I see in developing this updated version is for perfect integration with Podium, and while other DAWs offer huge sample libraries or set of instruments that are sometimes just bloated content, Nucleum would simply offer the base instrument/sounds for such a beautifully designed sequencer. So, Nucleum would be, in my opinion, the perfect integrated (allthough optional download) instrument of Podium DAW.

    What do you think?

    I personally would love seeing this happening!

    As a secondary sugestion, probably the GUI could be also changed just a little bit, for easier use. There is a ton of buttons and setting, which is nice, so a cleaner layout would help.

    Thank you and please express your thoughts about this.


    Well, if an arpeggiated synth is all you require, then there are already many free (and awesome sounding) alternatives out there.


    The 38-1 fullpack zip

    Ugo Rez 3:

    UniRetroPro 2.5 & Addvector:

    HGF Alphatron Free:

    Angular Momentum Analog Warfare & Unifyer:

    Hope that helped
    All the Best



    Helpful indeed, some I have checked already, some I will try.

    I still believe Nucleum could / should be the Podium’s up-to-date synth…

    Thanks CC!


    SynthMaker still does not support generating 64-bit VSTs, which I feel is a requirement to be able to supply Nucleum as part of the Zynewave plugins bundled with Podium x86/x64. Until SM supports 64-bit VST export, I won’t spend time improving Nucleum.


    It makes sense indeed.
    When you’ll do it, please add the arp/phrase/step feature.

    All the best!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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