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    Sam Potts

    Just bought a new laptop, installed the latest version of Podium and purchased an update license. Everything works pretty well, but one project that is very important to me will not open consistently without issue. It’s the actual getting it to open that is the issue. Once it opens, all the plugins and tracks are fine, and editing is working fine. The problem is that it just suddenly won’t open with Podium only showing up briefly on the screen and then crashing. I’ve been able to open another project specifically, have it load, close it, save it and then the project with the issue will load. This is a hassle and I’m concerned that I may not be able to open the project at all at some point.


    Hi Sam. I’ve just released 3.3.1 which has bug-fixes that may solve your problem.

    If you experience the crash again, please look in your “Zynewave Podium” documents folder. There should be a file named “Podium_3_3_1_crash.dmp”. Email this file to me, and I will be able to quickly detect the location of the crash bug.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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