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    D O

    I am testing out Podium Free currently.. and looking to use it to test an amplifier.. basically what I want to do is set up a test tone in Podium Free, output it to my amplifier via my EMU 0404, then have it return to Podium Free, and listen to the returning audio.

    On other DAWs I would do it like this:
    Track 1 with test tone plugin with output set to: output 1 ->
    EMU 0404 output 1 -> cable to my amp’s input ->
    My amp’s output to input 1 on the EMU 0404
    And then a track in the DAW with input 1 as its input. And its output set to my main monitor outputs (in this case SPDIF output of the EMU 0404)

    However, I can’t seem to set any track in Podium Free to an output of my choosing. Currently it seems to only let me have 1 master track using either outputs 1,2, or SPDIF and then everything gets output through whatever that master track says.

    Is there no way to achieve what I want? ie. a hardware insert basically..

    Any help greatly appreciated! Been searching for days but just can’t seem to find the solution!



    I think what you are looking for is the “Import Hardware Definition” feature:

    For a simple external audio effect you should load the “Generic Effect Device” and select the audio I/O channels in the dialog. Once you’ve done that, you have an effect mapping that you can assign to a track. This will handle the audio insert.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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