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    I like the following feature of Cubase very well, may be others will agree that it is a good tool: the Play Order Editor

    it was a reintroduction of the pattern-based concept, but (since Cubase 4)

    running within the timeline-based sequencer

    and not (as seen in all the other pattern concepts) only running with any pattern-based sequencer; it means you do not have to have a pattern-based sequencer for using that function because it works with the timeline sequencer (!)

    “Events” (=sequence parts) are defined by drawing with a pencil in the timeline view, then you can rearrange them very easily in this Play Order Editor


    With Podiums built in Real time bouncing features one could also bounce any changes (using your FR) down in real time to another track. 😉



    Excellent idea, especially for songwriters!




    Does this work like a ‘wrapper’ for normal audio/MIDI/etc. events?
    And is it meant for electronic music, or do you use it successfully with recorded material?

    Because with normal recordings, I’d assume most things never start exactly on the beat (or may intentionally come a little earlier or later). I can’t imagine just swapping the bridge with the chorus without creating overlaps or timing weirdness here and there…

    Nevertheless, it looks interesting. Especially if, which I assume is possible, you can also change the number of repeats directly in this editor.

    In the meantime, you could try placing markers at the section starts, and grouping them with the events, like in this GIF animation.
    It’s of course not in the same league, but it might at least make selecting the sections a little quicker. 😉



    always liked the pattern based concepts better.
    that’s why my atari is still the centerpiece of my homestudio, the pc’s being just its slaves.


    thcilnnahoj: please how you can do that selecting which is in your animation? I cannot figure out it… (i´m newbie to Podium) thank you very much


    Sure – just select some events and press Ctrl+N, or choose Bundle Events from the right-click menu. Marker or tempo events can be added to a selection by ctrl-clicking them.
    Whenever you select an event in a bundle, all bundled events are selected at once. Separating the bundle works the same way (Ctrl+N, or Unbundle Events in the right-click menu).

    You’ll have to be careful, though, as moving events like in the GIF might easily lead to overlapping events… Unfortunately, there’s currently nothing like the shuffle mode in Cubase to prevent this.


    It would be fairly easy for me to add some commands to the marker popup menu that can automate some of the manual bundling/dragging that thcilnnahoj showed in the gif.

    The commands could be:
    “Move Section Left”, “Move Section Right”, “Delete Section” and “Repeat Section”.

    Marker events will thus become handles for sections, and you could name your markers “Intro”, “Bridge”, “Chorus A”, etc.

    When dragging markers it could also be possible to use the Alt key shortcut to move around sections instead of only the marker event.

    The section commands will affect all events that are within the section (i.e. the time range up to the next marker event). No need to use the bundle command. It does require that all track events are split at the marker position, or else the events cannot be shuffled around.


    …Add some event type filtering options to the event list, make those commands available there as well, and you could have something that comes quite close to the dialog, I’d say. 😉

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