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    So I have created a folder to hold some of my DLLs. However, when I try to access them in Podium through the Device, I cannot find them. Has anyone ever had this problem?


    Here are a few possible solutions I can think of:

    – Make sure you’ve pointed Podium to the folder containing your plugins (Setup -> Preferences -> Plugins tab).
    – Keep in mind each project in Podium has its own list of devices seperate from the “plugin database”. If you’re loading an older project, you’ll have to update it (Devices menu on the project page -> Update and Load Plugin Database). This updates both the database and the device list in the current project.
    – Make sure your plugins’ bit architecture matches the version of Podium you’re using, i.e., 64-bit Podium with 64-bit plugins.
    – Make sure you’re trying to access the plugin/device using the correct selector, e.g., instruments are only available using the “source” selector button.

    If nothing works, some more information would be helpful. Has Podium scanned the plugins already? Do they show up in the device list?


    Thank you very much!
    I actually solved this a few days ago. Lol just a silly directory mistake.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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