Topic: Podium 3.4.3 losing MIDI input

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    Guy Mayberry

    Anyone having issues losing MIDI input when recording?

    Setup -> Reset MIDI Devices is not a solution.
    Toggling the power button is not a solution.
    Un-assigning and re-assigning the MIDI input is not a solution.
    When I lose MIDI, I don’t see the triangle lit on the MIDI icon in the lower right section of the screen.

    I have to bounce Podium. Something is keeping Podium from seeing my MIDI input. Existing MIDI recordings are not a problem – those work fine.

    I’ve got a couple of MIDI tracks driving VSTs on other tracks. I’ve got a punch range set. And I’m using the metronome. I record-arm a MIDI track. And with the count-in from the metronome the MIDI signal does come through. But sometimes, and this problem is intermittent but frequent for me, the MIDI signal gets lost somehow and Podium does not respond. It seems to occur when recording starts – when I get into the punch range. And then it’s nothing from the MIDI keyboard.

    I’m using a Keystation 88 via USB and getting power over USB as well. This is my only MIDI input device.

    I’ve tried creating a small project file with just a couple of MIDI tracks to isolate the issue and have repeatable steps, but that arrangement seems to be fine. On my regular projects I’m loaded up with audio tracks, effects VSTs, busses, and VSTs on the master. It’s not clear to me what’s causing the problem.

    The MIDI VSTs in use when this occurs are Sitala and Cymbalistic – otherwise nice and free VSTs that are great for drums.

    If anyone has info to share, or some guidance for me to look at, I’d appreciate it. Also, there does seem to be a Podium crash dump file of about 4.8mb, but Podium is not crashing or dumping when this occurs – all other audio seems to be working as expected.

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