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    As I don’t find any documentation I’m doing reverse engineering from Wiki’s hardware definition and creating new ones. This is my first time with hardcore-old-school hardware [no vst editor, only midi msgs] and Podium so I need little midi orientation.

    I heard that Sysex messages are useful to save/load your patches inside the project, is that true? Can Podium do this?

    Is there any way to extract patches names and parameters from synth and create podium presets automatically in order to save them in the device definition? Doing it manually is a chinese work πŸ˜›


    Maybe check these out:

    Doing it manually maybe Chinese work, but hand coding it might
    be Double Dutch πŸ˜‰

    In fact I don’t even know what it is you are trying/wanting to do.

    Good luck.

    Whatever you do, you must visit this site, even just to drool:

    I don’t know if this is the site you were referring to, but

    This should help you.

    And here:

    That last link is an absolute goldmine, and they will be happy
    to help you and give you advice, especially if you are working
    as hard as you will need to – There is no other way!

    And in Spanish:

    And finally some light relief and gear pr()n:

    Check out those machines.

    One day I dream of doing something like this myself.
    But it is only a dream…..

    That last link is absolutely an essential must-see!!!

    Don’t know if any of that helped, but it’s all good stuff.
    Seeing as you didn’t say what you are trying to do
    or what instruments you are working with, I thought
    I’d just throw a load of links at you.
    Hope some of it was useful.


    😯 😯 😯 😯

    Too much to read and too little time 😳 I’ll search inside these pages searching ‘answers’. Thanks πŸ™‚

    btw I’m trying to integrate some borrowed synths inside Podium, so if I close the project and I use another similar gear (ie: I did it with a Virus B, and now I’ve another Virus B) I can recall the patches easily.

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