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    Mateusz Kozicki

    Hello everyone!

    I started to try/use Podium for a few days now.
    All seem to work rather smoothly.

    But… not everything seems to work here, and I wonder if I am doing something wrong, or it just won’t work with Podium.

    First thing – I am a veteran Jeskola Buzz user. It still seems to be ultrapowerfull in comparison to other software, but it lacks many features the modern DAWs have, so I try new things.

    Buzz has enormous library of free plugins. There is a software called BuzzFXVST which allows to use Buzz plugins inside VST host. But when I try to load it – it seems broken and if I try to load a buzz plugin – it crashes Podium. So the question is – did anyone tried this and with a success maybe?

    The second thing is the Camomile PureData patches VST loader. It is designed to use PD patches inside VST host. But – in spite of doing everything as the manual says – Podium does not detect this plugin. So again – did anyone tried this and with a success maybe?

    On the note:
    Buzz has many very good plugins that you won’t find in VST world. Therefore it would be really nice to have them imported and working.
    CamomilePD allows (among other usages) to midi cc control parameters of other VSTs via midi channels. It can for example automate the cutoff LFO of a filter or instrument. It would be really nice, if we could use this feature instead of having to manually draw the curves in automation editor – which is a bit painful for my taste. That feature was also native to Buzz and called Peer… (PeerLFO, PeerNote, etc.) and allowed to control any generator or effect parameters in this way.

    Another thing that comes to my mind is – what are really the benefits of having Podium full version? Can I for example use more send/return buses? Because 4 is a bit low number – again, I had unlimited wiring options in Buzz and kinda miss those here.

    Thanks in advance for any answer or help.



    Hi Mateusz,

    • I suspect the BUZZ VST adapter hosted 32bit machines (dll) so try working with Podium 32bit. Podium doesn’t offer VST bridging of the different architectures.
    i wasn’t able to test the adapter as i couldn’t find software, and am reluctant to go through the rigmarole of installing BUZZ machines.

    • Podium creates new project with 4 busses. You can create a project template with more and select the template when starting new projects. The template, when used as base for new projects, can be the source of building your Device List. Here’s a pic of the menu on the new Project Start Page, where templates are accessed:
    You can also create new bus instances from your Device List menu. i’m not 100% sure if Podium Free allows this, but an unlimited number can be created in the full version. Here’s a pic of the relevant menu entry:

    Camomile does indeed work in Podium. i tested with Podium 64bit v.3.2.7 and Camomile v.1beta7, though as of today (Feb. 11, 2018) Camomile is at v.1.0.2Here’s a pic of an example Pd patch running in Camomile, in Podium:
    Installation and use of Camomile Pd patches has changed since recent releases of Pd vanilla. They now work in concert, on the libpd platform. This has meant that you can no longer load Pd patches via the Camomile VST interface, rather, unique VST plugins that correlate with patches has to be created. Then it’s simply a matter of adding it to you Device List/Podium plugin database.



    Here’s a walkthrough for creating and installing Camomile plugins.

    The installation directories can be anywhere on your system. Thanks to Podium’s plugin management, referenced dll files are unique to every entry in the Device List !!!
    Simply use the “Import plugin…” or “Import plugins from folder…” Device List menu entries. You can point to any disk location.


    Mateusz Kozicki

    Wow! Many thanks Levendis for Your in-depth explanations :D. Your Podium 3.2.7 looks quite different than the free version and a lot better.

    Buzz wrapper – along with the tested machines – can be found here: (or direct link to download here: – in case You would like to test it. If it works for You, I think there are a lot of cool FX to play with.

    As for Camomile – I think I was doing it right according to the manual. I will give it another try then :). I wanted to use this patch: – it is a promising midi cc generator :).

    Since I’ve posted here, I went through the struggle to install and test other DAW softwares to see, which one of all those (including Podium) suits me best. Well – there are too many of them. But I looked at MuLab, LMMS, and then found Reaper. And I have to admit – it has just what I need – that parameter automatic automation, that I was talking about. So I decided to switch to it for now. As for the Podium – I still think it is a great software – I really like how the interface looks and works very intuitively. And I really really like parameter envelopes as patterns rather than a whole track line – this apporach is much more elastic.

    Again many thanks for Your answer,
    and have a great weekend! 😀



    Many thanks Levendis for Your in-depth explanations :D. Your Podium 3.2.7 looks quite different than the free version and a lot better.

    My pleasure.
    Podium’s GUI is very customisable. You can select from existing colour setups, or create your own. Use the Setup menu to access:

    • Colors…
    • Load color setup
    • Save color setup…

    As for Camomile… I wanted to use this patch… it is a promising midi cc generator.

    There are a number of incompatibilities between the patch that you linked and Camomile.
    Firstly, Camomile doesn’t support tables (arrays) on the panel, so the graph will not show.

    Another issue is the midirealtimein object to input an external MIDI clock. Camomile uses its own channel for input of a host clock.

    The documentation for the current version has yet to be written, so i’m not sure how it operates now, but here’s some information on host interaction with a previous version of Camomile.
    Looking at the provided example patches, Camomile now handles parameter assignments and plugin definitions in a new way. Alongside the (patch_Name).dll is (patch_Name).txt, where those are configured. Hopefully, the developer will soon provide detailed instructions on creating plugins.

    There is an alternative to Camomile which might allow graphical arrays, but is as complex to work with as Camomile — PdVST

    i doubt that i’ll check out the Buzz adapter, given my strong suspicion of the 32bit plugin format, and that i run Podium 64bit. i shall add comments here if otherwise.



    Oh, and Podium’s GUI has further customisability. All window elements can be rearranged to your liking, using Editor profiles. The configuration of which are available under Setup > Editor profiles…

    And i too, wish you a great weekend 🙂



    Here is some more specific information about creating Camomile plugins.

    If you’ve built a Pure Data patch that you’d like made to conform to Camomile VST, then link it here and i shall attempt to do so.


    Mateusz Kozicki

    Thank You! 🙂
    Will look into this :).

    And thanks for the offer to help!
    I still have to even learn how PD works, so it might be a long time until I try this again :D.

    For now I just found so many free VSTs that my head is in complete chaos :D.

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