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    Cubase user for a long time, then Reaper for two years, I wanted to test Podium and I downloaded the demo.
    I’ve done some promising tests for two days. But since installing Podium, when I try to open Cubase or Reaper or any software relative to music (eg Energy XT, Pinanoteq Play, Garritan Aria, Mixcraft, etc …) I get that alarm box :

    A further investigation with Dependency Walker shows that NTDLL.DLL requires three DLL files absent from my PC and absolutely useless for my Win XP :

    This does not prevent normal software running but it is very disturbing and unpleasant…

    The only solution to get rid of that was restoring the system with the restore point created during the installation of Podium.

    So I do not really have been able to try Podium, and I’m afraid to encounter the same problem if I start again the installation… 🙁

    Should I really give up ?



    I’m not a computer expert, and I don’t know what those three libraries actually do.

    But I seriously doubt that Podium would be deleting libraries installed and used by other programs.


    I was doubting also, but nothing else than Podium install had changed on my computer.
    And all my music softwares had this behaviour, EXCEPT Podium…
    And restoring before Podium solved the problem.
    I never knew anything about these three missing dll before.
    These dll being required for Vista or Seven and not for XP I wonder if this is not a problem of wrong install version ?


    Do you have some virusprotection thats do some strange work in the background?

    Once I had a similar problem related to a trojan and a virusprotection that pus systemfiles in quarantine after installation of a small tutorial developed by my self….

    Sometimes computers isn’t so easy to understand. In the end it removed my ntldr… so I had to reinstall… It was not related to Podium!

    Maybe Fritz can tell you if his installer make some adjustments in this files.

    Good luck.



    Sorry to hear about your troubles. The only .dll files that the Podium installer installs are the Zynewave VST plugins, and (since 3.1.0) the optional ReWire.dll file. The Podium installer does not install or update any Windows system files. I have no idea whether the ReWire.dll file affects the Windows system the first time it is run. You could try installing Podium without the ReWire.dll feature.

    I googled “ntalpcsendwaitreceiveport” and the first post that came up was this:

    I haven’t checked other links to the problem, but it seems the problem is quite common.

    Are you using XP Home or Pro / 32 or 64-bit?


    @Zynewave wrote:

    I googled “ntalpcsendwaitreceiveport” and the first post that came up was this:

    Thank you for the link that allowed me to clarify the diagnosis.
    Indeed, one week earlier I had installed Samsung Kies!
    But nothing unusual occured before Podium install, so I had completely forgotten Kies…
    I’m sorry to have wrongfully suspected Podium, I must humbly apologize !

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