Topic: Podium doesn't export MIDI events to .wav files properly

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    Ivan Goodman

    Hello everybody!

    I have a frustrating problem. I’ve worked with some VST but when it all came to export, the track with all the events isn’t bounced. The bounce track is absolutely blank – technically, the .wav file is possible to create yet it turns out to be a recording of silence. There are no visible problems with the plugin (Rocket Punch by Hello Robot if that matters) except for in some cases, after my other unsuccessful attempt to bounce the track, it becomes silent and no sound is produced by a plugin.

    What should I do?

    P.S. I know that in some cases the bounce doesn’t start from the beginning and I have to move the events a bit farther. Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t work with Rocket Punch.

    Andy Forber

    Not that this is a solution, more of a work around, but have you tried a real time bounce?

    Ivan Goodman

    I guess nope.

    Well, the main problem is that I can’t do anything connected with recording (if I understand you right, real-time bounce does suggest using recording?). I can’t record – don’t know why but I suppose it has something to do with MIDI inputs. In all the tutorials on YouTube the guys have MIDI In or something but my Podium doesn’t even offer to choose one because there are no options at all. I just don’t know. I’m quite a newbie, so I can’t tell for sure what’s wrong.

    Anyway, thanks for help 🙂

    Andy Forber

    Hmm, perhaps you haven’t set your midi up yet?

    Open up Podium and click ‘Setup‘ along the top.
    Click Audio/Midi
    In the first tab (Audio) make sure you can see your audio interface. For example, mine says ASIO Drivers, and under ASIO interface, I have Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO (2 in, 2 out)
    On the right hand side, you should see some Active channels.
    The second tab (Midi) will let you setup your Midi interface. Mine shows my keyboard and pads.
    Click ok.

    Open up an arrangement.
    Create a new track by double clicking under the Master section on the left and clicking OK.
    You’ll see a + symbol, Source and Input.
    Select Input, go down to Midi and click Midi In.
    Now click the Source symbol and select an instrument VST.
    You should now here that sound when playing on your physical Midi instrument.
    You can arm the track or recording by pressing the R on the top of the track, then press ‘K’ on your PC’s keyboard.
    The play area should turn red.
    Press spacebar a record.

    If you don’t have a physical Midi instrument, double click a drag in the play area next to your track.
    This should create a box.
    Double click that box and put in some notes on the piano roll.

    Once you’re done, click File up the top and Export to Sound File. This will create your arrangement into a WAV file.

    I know this is covering every step, but if it still doesn’t work, at least we’ll know where you get stuck.

    Here’s a video for the basics of Podium too:

    Ivan Goodman

    God, you’re a genius. Thank you very much.

    The problem was that at the very beginning I’ve chosen the wrong type of audio driver. So, after I’ve followed all your instructions, it just worked and I’ve finally managed to get the normal .wav file, using real-time bounce.

    Thanks again!

    Andy Forber

    Ah glad you’re sorted. Normal bounces should work for you too, so shouldn’t have to use real time bounce. See how it goes. 👍

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