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    I’m trying to run Podium on a Linux Mint system through Wine, but I get no sound. I have installed the Wineasio driver, but when I choose “Asio drivers” in the “Configure Audio”, the “Asio Interface” just says “<None>”.

    Anyone knows what’s wrong?


    Hi again,

    The Asio driver problem is solved now, after running ‘regsvr32 wineasio’

    But now Podium simply crashes soon after starting it. If anyone can get Podium to work with Linux Mint, please let me know.


    I have no experience with Linux, so I can’t help you there. The crash could be caused by the loading of the audio driver you previously have enabled. If you delete the Podium.ini file to reset your driver selections (and all other customizations you may have made), then Podium should at least be able to start up.


    Hi, after many tests (and crashes…) finally I’ve got Podium working on Linux.
    Here’s the instructions for a 32 bit Xubuntu Linux. It’s the result of my personal experience, so for other cases some steps might be different.
    I experienced many crashes at the Podium startup and at the audio/MIDI setup. As Zynewave suggests, deleting the Podium.ini file allows to restart the application and try again. Also, in WINE, I recommend to set the Windows XP compatibility.
    Remark: do not click on the Driver setup… button in the audio setup tab otherwise Podium will crash!

    The video does not cover the installation process.

    1) Install WINE:

    2) Add the KX Studio repositories:
    – open the terminal and type: sudo apt-get update

    3) Install the jackd and cadence packages:
    – with the teminal: sudo apt-get install jackd cadence
    – with the Ubuntu Software Center: in the search box type jackd and install it (repeat this step for cadence).

    4) Install WineASIO:
    – with the teminal: sudo apt-get install wineasio
    – with the Ubuntu Software Center: in the search box type wineasio and install it.
    – after the installation, open the terminal and type: regsvr32 wineasio

    5) Add your user to the audio group:
    – go to: settings -> users settings -> manage groups; (or something like that…)
    – select the audio group in the list and click Properties;
    – check the box of your user in the Group members list.

    6) Log out and log in again.

    7) Install Podium: simply, double click on the installer like on Windows.

    JACK audio server configuration

    1) Start Cadence: Ubuntu “start” menu -> multimedia -> cadence

    2) click on Configure:
    – select your audio card/interface;
    – select a driver (ALSA is the most commom), sample rate, buffer size and so on.

    3) back to the System tab:
    – check the box Auto start JACK at login;
    – verify that your user is in the audio group;
    – verify that JACK is currently running;
    – JACK Bridges: useful for non-jack applications such as browser and media player. If there is only JACK and ALSA installed on your system, skip this step.
    – Bridges Type: ALSA -> PulseAudio -> JACK
    – in the PulseAudio slot, if present, check the box Auto start at login.

    4) Tweaks tab:
    – select WineASIO in the list: choose your settings (n° of input/output, buffersize);
    – check the box Auto start server and close the dialog.

    5) log out and log in again.

    Now, JACK should be running and PulseAudio should be running and bridged to JACK.
    Finally, I suggest to disable the KX Studio repositories to avoid conflicts with the standard Ubuntu repositories.

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