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    Hello everyone.
    First of all, a BIG thankyou to Frits for this amazing bit of software.
    And an even BIGGER thanks for making this free version.

    I tried Podium a couple of years ago or so.
    I managed to do some stuff, but got bummed out when
    I went back to it and my demo had timed out.
    Oh well.

    I remember it being a bit of a pain what with the scanning of
    vst’s etc. etc. so was delighted when this seems to have been
    sorted out in this version. Yay!

    Also, I remember it being a bit of a chore to get around
    (though I didn’t spend hardly any time with it, so my fault
    really). This time I just installed it, I had it up and running
    in no time, so I don’t know what you’ve done Frits, but
    whatever it is, it’s working!

    I also just want to say what an absolutely beautiful interface this is.
    I’ve used logic, cubase, reaper, energyxt, fruityloops and ableton,
    but this is the most delicious GUI of them all.
    And that piano roll editor is simply gorgeous.
    It also seems to be a bit more logical and functional from what little
    I remember. I’ve only spent half an hour with it so far, but I am
    really looking forward to making some music with this baby.

    Just a couple of things I have noticed off the bat:
    1/It seems to take an age to shut down.
    2/It seems to be using an awful lot of CPU at idle
    (It’s idling with the same CPU hit as when it’s running)

    Don’t know if these are known issues or they have been mentioned
    here on the forum. I’ll have a look around a bit later on. *

    I’m running a 1.6GHz Centrino laptop with 1280Mb of RAM.
    With WinXP32 SP3.

    I have a blazingly fast i5 DAW that I’ve just built and I will test
    it on there, later on.
    Just my first observations that’s all πŸ˜‰

    I’m pretty much sorted on the DAW front as well, not really looking
    for another one.

    But….because of your great generosity and the sheer aesthetic
    beauty of this program, I think you might have just made
    another sale, Fritz.

    I just quickly scanned the thread at KVR and it seems the
    closing down problem has been noted. I am using Avast anti-virus.
    No biggie – I’ll find a way around it.

    Oh, and the youtube channel is a major bonus!
    And a really nice and clear design on this website.
    Great stuff.

    I think I’m falling in love…



    Thanks for the feedback.

    2/It seems to be using an awful lot of CPU at idle
    (It’s idling with the same CPU hit as when it’s running)

    The plugins are active also when playback is stopped. So if you have loaded plugins that use CPU even when the input is silent (reverb plugins etc.), then that explains the CPU use. To unload the plugins, switch off the power button in the transport toolbar.



    Eh Frits, thank for the reply.

    Yeah that makes sense.
    I’ll get to know how things work a bit better as I get to
    know the program a bit more. To be honest, even my other
    hosts struggle on this machine. It’s only to be expected.
    I think that Podium does use a bit more ‘juice’, but what the
    hell, it’s not a show stopper.

    In the mean time:
    I’ve been checking it out a bit more and all I can say is you
    must have been busy. Everything is working great. So many
    things are just so much more logical than on other hosts.
    I’m really impressed so far.

    Eh, I even just bought a copy anyway!
    I’m really looking forward to putting this on my new machine.

    If you want to know what really sold it to me, it was the beautiful
    graphics. When I found out that this was part of your ‘field’, I was
    somehow not surprised.

    Thanks again.


    Thanks, and welcome to the VIP club πŸ™‚

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