Topic: Point us to "fancy" MIDI stuff Podium can do?

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    Donald S. Griffin

    Can you point us to some “fancy” stuff Podium can do?

    I see you use cloning. That’s always good. Though I CAN see how to turn a clone into a separate instance I do NOT see how you create clones in the first place.

    I discovered that, in addtion to CTRL dragging the END of a sequence you can do this to the start to cover up notes, much as you would do to an audio segment in Session 8 or Pro Tools I guess.

    Is there anything like MIDI FX in Podium? An Arpeggiator or something that will take a pattern and move it through differerent chords? Or apply a rhythmic pattern or some such to a simple chord held for a measure?

    I can see how nesting could lead to some nice things but it can also make it hard to keep track of what you have, making it neseccary to peek into the hierarchy to find out what is there that you forgot about. I am interested to learn how you handled this as the docs become available.


    To create a clone of a sequence event, start dragging the event normally and then press and hold the control key while releasing the drag. I know it’s not that obvious, I should at least change the cursor when control is pressed to indicate that a clone will be created. I’ll go add that to the plan right now.

    There are no MIDI fx or arps in Podium currently. But I’m open to suggestions. However these things will be put low on the plan.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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