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    Maybe this is a bug, maybe it is an ill-conceived feature, I don’t know, maybe I’ve overlooked something (hopefully) and someone can chime in with a solution.

    Every time I load a MIDI file in the Project Page and then open it, the arrangement is automatically pre-configured and all the tracks are routed to a group track, which is assigned to the first multi-timbral plugin from the Plugin Database (in my case that is Drumatic).

    The only way to fix such behaviour is to manually go through all the tracks, delete the unnecessary ones. delete the MIDI CC automation tracks, and unassign the instrument from each, one by one. Way too much clicking for a simple MIDI import – unnecessarily time-consuming.
    (One of the reasons why I requested the Multiple-track selection feature)

    So here it is, I looked in the options to find a way to evade this, but in vain. πŸ˜•

    A possible improvement could be to leave the tracks unassigned.

    (Shedding of light welcome)

    All the Best


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