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    I downloaded Nucleum — it appears to be the same version that I tried last year, but unlike before it doesn’t crash. Dunno if it’s been worked on since.

    I love this synth. There are definitely more patches this time around and I haven’t had it flake out on me yet. I’ve played a billion VSTi’s in the last few years and few are memorable.

    I like simplicity, a good design, and a good interface and Nucleum has all of these.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the character of the sounds and how easy it is to tweak. Great work! Really enjoying this plug-in.


    I just have to add a small story to this highly justified praisal. Today was a an especially sad day for my girlfriend. So to try to cheer her up a bit I just fired up some synths and noodled away. Whereas she wasn’t highly convinced 😆 from some NI-synth stuff (self made presets) I had made, she listened to Nucleum, and the hauntingly beautiful pad “moon orbit” and cheered up a bit and told me to go on. I just played some chords, that was all, the rest was the movement inside this nucleum patch. It’s in the factory folder, and easy as it might be, this sounds like a world class synth. She told me to say thanks here 🙂 . Simply haunting, some sounds of this synth.


    just noticed this!! thanks for the praise Klemperer 🙂 glad you liked moon orbit – that was one of one of my patches. i am working on a bank for synth1 at the moment. i will post somewhere here when it is available (will upload it to kvr). there should be a few sounds in there you might like 😉


    Hey everyone!
    Glad I found this thread.
    I was gonna start one, but this says it all, so…

    I really like Nucleum. Nice graphics, nice sound!

    Varied patches and fairly instantly tweakable.
    But yet, it’s a bit different – with a twist.

    I thought it might just have been me – sometimes I do exhibit
    such poor taste 😉 but if Klemperer likes it maybe I was right.
    And knowing his girlfriend likes it so much too…
    I know I can’t be wrong.


    Thanks for this!


    Still messing with Nucleum 😉

    I really like the noise features of this synth.
    I mean making stuff like wind and rain and thunder and waves…

    Don’t really know what I’m doing with it, just twisting those knobs.
    Cutoff, Res, Tracking on a LPF on a noise oscillator etc…

    Love the ‘finger’ mouse icon on the gui too. Makes it seem more
    accurate and is a pleasure to use.

    How about incorporating some different noise types – brown, pink etc..
    in the Osc’s?

    And maybe some kind of ‘fractal’ function to drive them.
    Am I talking rubbish? Oh well. It’s just a thought.
    There aren’t many good ‘Noise’ synths out there.
    It might be an avenue to kind of individualise Nucleum a bit.
    Though it’s quite unique in it’s own little way already.

    Just some random noisy thoughts.

    I’d really like one synth that would be my go to noise generator.

    I know other synths have a noise function, but a lot that do, don’t
    actually sound like nice noise, if that makes any sense.
    I realise that noise is noise, but you know it might have
    something to do with the sound engine 😉 LOL

    Nucleum’s noise sounds good to my ears!
    And even as it stands – I can go to it and get a decent
    representation of basic noise. Delay really helps to shape
    randomness and chaos in wind like stuff – maybe some
    deeper oscillation/feedback facility?

    Just some wild ideas.
    Anyway, this synth is a lot of fun.
    And it sounds great alongside the big guns that don’t
    do what it does quite so easily.

    A nice compliment.


    Actually I just RTFM and the Fm stuff does some of the stuff I was
    talking about – I just have to experiment a bit more.
    This is an interesting synth.


    I don’t know if it’s a best FM synth out there because I didn’t like FM synth…

    But I like Nucleum!

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