Topic: Presonus Faderport & Frontier Design Tranzport w/Podium

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    Howdy –
    I have been using Podium for awhile now and like it ‘very much’. I am using my Novation Remote 49 SL Compact keyboard controller with Podium and it works fine.
    I would like to also use my Presonus Faderport DAW controller and Frontier Design Tranzport DAW remote control, but so far have not been able to figure out how to make either one work with Podium.

    In Audio/MIDI I have Faderport & Tranzport ‘checked’ in both the MIDI Input & Output lists. In Control Surfaces I have the Faderport selected in MIDI Output Interfaces #3 and the Tranzport selected in MIDI Output Interfaces #4.

    Both devices show up on the separate tracks that I have assigned them to. But I’m not sure what I must do now to get them to function on those tracks.
    I have ‘checked’ the proper channels for each device on the tracks and also tried the ‘Auto-Assign to Focus Track’, but so far neither seem to be working.

    Would anyone have some advice/suggestions for me to try?

    Thanks much,


    If these devices support the Mackie MCU protocol, then you don’t need to enable them on the MIDI tab. You only need to set them up on the Control Surfaces tab. I did a quick Google search, and it seems that both your devices are able to emulate MCU mode, so check the user manuals to see how to configure them to use MCU emulation.


    Hey Fritz –
    Thanks much for the info. I’ll check out the manuals and see if I can get these configured correctly.
    It would be great to have both of these devices working with Podium!

    Take care,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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