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    Hi all. It’s been a while since the last Podium release, so I thought I’d give you an update on what is coming up. The next Podium release will be 3.3, so it’s a feature update. I’ve been working on a major revision of the project start page, but I don’t have anything yet to show about this feature.

    The purpose of this post is to present another upcoming feature: Support for translating the Podium UI to other languages. The idea for this translation system came about as I was doing a revision of how Podium handles texts internally.

    Those of you that have been Podium users for a long time may remember that the Podium Guide was originally written on a wiki page on the older website. I since ported the guide to Google Docs, and made a utility that could convert that to the current podium-guide.html document. This has been a tedious process to maintain, so the Guide has been neglected for a long time. There are still chapters in the guide that have not been written out.

    In the recent years new technologies have emerged that I believe can make the maintenance of the Podium guide simpler: and the markdown document format. I’ve made some experiments on how the translation can be implemented. Have a look here:

    The ‘’ document is the old podium-guide.html document that I’ve converted to markdown. If you click the document you can see that GitHub renders markdown documents as nicely formatted html.

    The translation system is fairly simple, but I underestimated how much work is involved with making all Podium UI texts translatable :-O It’s going to be a while before the entire Podium UI is made translatable. I’ll probably add the feature (as described on the GitHub readme page) with partial translation support to the next release, so that interested users can experiment with it.

    Another benefit of this new translation system, is that it will force me to keep the guide updated for each new release, since it will be required to display texts for new features properly.

    The ‘Podium-public-resources’ repository can grow to include other things that users can make contributions to: Color Setups, Editor Setups, Note Maps, MIDI Snippets, Hardware Definitions, etc.

    Would any of you be interested in contributing to the translation into your native language?


    I would like to help, but English is my only language, if you don’t count the year’s worth of Spanish from high school. Still, the manual looks good; I saved it as a web page to take back to my offline computer just fine. Github is a fine choice, especially since one can add setups. Great move.
    One request, take it or leave it: on the project start page, could you have an option for plugins to auto alphabetical arrange per folder? Like, say, if I import a new plug titled “G—“, it will move it automatically between F and H. I have too many plugs and am somewhat lazy, so it’s not a big deal either way, just a little easier.
    I’m glad you’re progressing on Podium and look forward to 3.3. Good day—


    When you’re using github for editing the podium guide in markup you might take a look at Grav CMS. It’s a open-source lightweight (no database) flatfile CMS that uses markdown files for its pages.

    There is an git-sync plug-in available that can connect to git and make a website out of git’s markup files.

    One example is the Grav CMS documentation at

    On top of the page you see a “edit this page” link that opens the corresponding markdown file in git.

    Grav just needs PHP, so you can put the files of one instance in a subdirectory of your website and place the documentation there

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