Topic: Probably My Best Freeware Discovery of 2012

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    The Telenator

    Of all the freeware stuff I’ve ever posted to the Zynewave forums, this one may be the best so far, and it’s high time I shared it. The best news is that it is still available for free, both in 32 and 64 bit, but I would not put off checking into this very long.

    One aside I want to share here quickly is that I tried and tested the 18-plugin offering from Synthescience, makers of the excellent freeware Poly 2106 and the Prodigious synthesizers, and I can report that these all seem to be very high quality in sound and operation. Additionally as an extra plus, they are about as tiny in GUI as you will ever find on the Net. They certainly won’t interfere with your work screens! Yes, the chorus was very thick and so on. You’ll find all of this in the Synthescience thread.

    Okay, here we go. I have a folder still of certain of the best freeware compressors and/or limiters that are out there. I expect most of you have somewhat the same collection. Many of these I designate special duty; some are rather dirty sorts, some better for drums, vocals, buss and so on. Here is one that might qualify as all-purpose. In any case, it is powerful, complete in controls, has a pro look to its GUI, and — unusual for any freeware compressor — offers oversampling options that ought to make your CPU sweat bullets on its highest (16X !!!) setting.

    I consider this one another must-have, even though I dearly love some of the unique others, such as Molot and TDR Feedback Compressor II. Note also that this kind of discovery and sharing I simply refuse to do anymore these days at the more abusive forums such as KVR’s. I consider our dedicated bunch here a cut above the fray (and not saying this out of any snobbery or arrogance, either). Check THIS baby out, if you haven’t already! Here: It’s the one at the page TOP, not his older below.

    Enjoy! and Cheers!


    Looks and sounds great!

    Thanks for sharing!


    Thanks Tele, much apreciated!

    The Telenator

    You are very welcome, as always.

    A coincidence, but my second favourite of all compressors, the TDR Feedback Compressor, has just announced it has reached Final Release and is out today in version 2.0! I tell you, Fabien went through so much (9 betas!!!) to take what was a rather good creation in the first place and make it so much better.

    Details: Just in case this compressor is unfamiar to you and perhaps wanting to know the justifications of adding yet another to your comp folder, this is a lookback-styled and RMS-type compressor, rather rare in the freeware world. I haven’t installed the final 2.0 yet, as I just now received the news, but he had the last, beta 9, working a real treat. Enjoy!


    Thanks for the heads up Tele, been waiting for the final version for quite some time.

    After my recent plug-cleaning only two remained in the “Comps” folder: Feedback Compressor and jsCompShaper.
    Just love these digital and proud of being so plugs. Absolutely great sounding, transparent, gorgeous GUIs, innovative (never cared for analog modeling myself that much).

    And maybe a little bit of Molot for dirtiness.

    Definitely check them out

    All the Best


    As far as I played with jsCompShaper, it works great as all-purpose comp. Did good job at compressing drums as well as final mix. Thanks Tele. 😉

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