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    I have installed the latest Podium Demo, but have problems with wav samples:

    whenever I open the window with the directory (ctrl+L), choose a sample and try to through it into Podium, the application quits automatically. It happens as soon as I cross the border between the window with the directory and the Podium application with my mouse (and the pulled sample).
    The only thing what I can see while Podium shuts down is, that the mouse pointer turns to the shape of one of these traffic signs which say “parking is not allowed”.
    So Podium seems to recognize that I am doing a wrong thing. But why is it wrong to through samples in it? I mean directly into the timeline where it should be, nowhere else.

    Mm, I only can imagine that Podium maybe does not like my REAL PLAYER. Can this be?


    Hi Jaegerteam,

    Sorry about the troubles. This sounds like a bug that was fixed in 1.39:

    Fix: Dragging a sound onto an arrangement with no tracks would crash Podium.

    1.39 is not released as a demo, but Podium 1.40 will be released as a demo within a couple of weeks. Until then you should be able to work around the bug by making sure you have created a master output track in the arrangement, before dragging objects into the arrangement.



    thanks a lot,

    I have already purchased a licence and will install 1.39 then.



    just have received the licence details…

    after installing 1.39 it works fine, thanks

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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