Topic: Problem With VST’s just not showing up.

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    ive had this problem ever since i reinstalled windows 7, on my previous install most vst plugins seemed to show up although i remember the waves bundle not working within cubase 5, now some plugins just simply refuse to show up no matter how many times i reinstall them or put them in a different location and change my vst search folder.
    i had put this down as an issue with cubase 5 since the plugins seem to show up just fine in fl studio.

    i eventually got sick of cubase’s stubborn workflow and so i went searching for alternatives…….and therefore i am now a happy podium user. the problem is it seems the same plugins are not showing in podium either…..i tried reinstalling and changing my vst folder but nothing changes.

    so the problem is not cubase but seems to have to do with my windows system?….

    im a bit of a noob with pc hardware but i know this much about my system

    windows 7 32bit

    4 gigs of ddr2 ram

    quad core AMD cpu thing…..

    and i think i have a gigabyte motherboard.

    and im running avast free anti virus.

    anyone got any ideas on what this could be and how to solve it?…

    btw this is my first post and podium is blowing me away everytime i open it….

    *edit* just realised the zynewave nucleum plugin is amongst those that show up in fl studio but not in podium or in cubase


    Please ensure that your VstPlugins folder is set up correctly in Podium and that your plugins actually are in this folder (look for the corresponding *.dll file).

    In the case the missing plugins crashed in a previous scan of your plugins folder, it may be blacklisted in Podiums quarantine list. This list should be found in the application folder, which is something like “C:UsersNameAppDataRoamingZynewave” on Windows 7.

    If you installed the plugins in question after you’ve created the project you are using, you have to rescan the plugins folder. This can be done in the device section of the project screen in Podium.


    Hello and welcome! 🙂

    I think the problem might be that you’re used to the sequencer scanning for new plug-ins on start-up (like FL Studio does).

    This is different in Podium – every project can (and does) keep its own configuration of your plug-ins. When you add or remove a plug-in from your VST folder, you’ll have to let Podium know something changed so it can update its database.
    You do this by selecting “Rebuild plugin database” (this scans all plug-ins and removes missing ones) or “Update plugin database” (which only scans new plug-ins) on the new project page or from the Devices menu on the project start page in existing projects.

    Please excuse me if you already knew about this and it’s not the problem…
    In this case you could try dragging and dropping, for example, Nucleum (the .dll file) onto the right-hand column (the one that shows all your other instruments and effects) on Podium’s project page. Please report back if it still won’t show up in the list after that!


    it seemed a restart and reinstall fixed the problem, i dont know why…….it wasnt that i wasnt selecting scan for new plugs but thanks for the help…..still cant get some plugs to work……maybe they are just broken….

    anyways….im happy for now… thanks

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