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    Martin Müller

    Hello Podium-Community,

    I’m a Newcomer-Dj from germany and try to enter the electronic music scene. I play this year in some small clubs in Berlin and on two little festivals in germany.
    I learn a lot about the scene, and how to play on CDJ’S and as a Dj.
    But i learned too, that I’m one of hundreds who want to play as a Dj. When I want to get bigger and better, it’s important to produce own eletronic music.
    So here are my question. Have Podium the potential to creat electronic music like Tech-House or Melodic-Techno? Or should I use other programms. (I do a training as nursery school teacher, so I don’t have a lot of money to buy big programs ) Also i try to install all plugins but it didn’t work (for example install Kompakt 5) Are there some good feeds who explain this steps by step?
    Maybe you can help me.


    Martin Müller


    Hi Martin. Podium can be used to create EDM music. Note that some of the more expensive DAW programs come bundled with a lot of VST instrument and effect plugins. You don’t get that with Podium, so you need to search for third party VST plugins. This page has links to some good free VST plugins:

    Recommended Freeware Plugins

    If you try some of these plugins with the Podium Free version, then you can get going without investing any money.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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