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    Bumping an old one here…
    The problem with podium not working with the creamware/scope asio driver is still there. Just tried it on winXP with scope v.4/4.5 (which is actually the same driverwise).
    I tested some other hosts.
    EnergyXT2.5.1 – ok
    EnergyXT1.4.1 – not working
    Reason4.01 – ok
    Orion 7.6 – not working
    (my trusted old) Muzys3.14 – not working

    EnergyXT1.4.1, Orion 7.11, Muzys3.14 however do work under win98se with the same scope software v.4/4.5, strange. It seems those winxp asio drivers aren’t that great. But there must be a solution, else Reason and energyxt would not work.

    (Just realized when testing, that the lowest possible latency with the pulsar/scope under win98se is much lower than in winXP.)

    Edit: Solved by installing version 4.0 on a clean system (did not work when installing 4.0 after 4.5 had been on it before). But still, the pulsar performs best on win98.

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