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    The Telenator

    I’ve been using Podium 3.02 for about a week solid now and 2.42 Free version for a couple of weeks before that — all to my great joy and delight. I’ve got REAPER 4.13 now as well, and I like it just fine too, but Podium is my absolute favorite of any DAW I’ve spent time with. I worked on a studio-installed Pro Tools just a few years back, my son’s Ableton Live not long ago, and I was using my own Cubase all this year, until I finally had enough, gave Steinberg the finger, walked away, and never have looked back. And they did tell me “You’ll be back,” just like they do to anyone who bails. Hey, I have NO REGRETS!

    Now, 4mica here was nice enough to direct me to the bookmarked/ indexed version of the Podium Guide (I believe it might have been his own labour of love), but I’m writing to say I must admit that I just haven’t had the patience to read more than the first 10 pages. I’ve used the pop-up notes on Podium a few times; it’s hard not to read them if enabled because, suddenly, there they are! But I’m really working just fine with Podium by past experience with other DAWs and mere instinct . . . and its going just fine.

    I believe one strong sign of a great software recording programme is that anyone with a fair amount of experience can hop on and get at least some basic work done without delay. As I’ve said elsewhere, it’s all about Podium being so intuitively designed. I’ve been having a wonderful time since the very beginning — even learned a few new tricks. I’ve got a load of work ahead and I’m just about set to get started. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to read the Guide through. It’s not the 400+ pages you see with most other DAWs. It even appears to be relatively well-written. Yes, the proper thing to do would be to read the Guide. Right?


    I’d say if you have figured out everything you need to make music, there’s no need to read the guide. Of course it won’t hurt if you do. 😉

    Since Zynewave is just a one man show, the guide doesn’t always get updated on time. The last big cleanup and rewrite was about a year ago, which I helped out with a little.
    Unfortunately neither Frits nor I have had enough time to continue working on it since then… The most noticeably missing chapters are probably about bouncing, track tags and a few nice little things not mentioned anywhere, like mixer strip zooming or the new zoom snapshot features, for example.

    There’s also the video on the home page that you’ve probably seen already, which might give you an appetite to try a few things.


    Yes, now is the time to read the guide, right after you’ve gone through the familiarisation phase with Podium.

    So before you get locked into a certain habit, but are confident enough with the software, I’d say it’s a good time to start reading. You’re more prone to find subtleties, and are able adjust your workflow, which later can be a little more difficult to do…

    I began using DaVinci Resolve yesterday, and finished at about five this morning, so I think it’s about time for me to start reading the manual too 😉

    The Telenator

    Thank you both for your comments and ideas. This is probably exactly what I need to hear about my reading habits right now.


    I had to read the wiki to wrap my head around the Inspector. And I’m still not 100% sure I understand some parts of it.

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