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    The Telenator

    Well, I already posted plenty to the Zynewave forums earlier today, but I just had no choice but to return and spout off about how excited I am with some latest successes.

    I’m trying ReWire on my two favorite DAW systems — Podium as Master and REAPER as Slave. Wow, it worked perfectly from the first trial setup, and then I discovered even more before I quit for the night.

    First off, you all know, of course, that the Slave unit cannot carry forward its scanned VST’s and VSTi’s into the relationship, but they remain on the Master DAW/host. But the truly cool part is that REAPER comes loaded with dozens upon dozens of its own ReaPlugs, Cockos VST’s, the Jesusonic Plugins, and dozens more of the plugs designed by the various individual developers at Cockos. SO . . . great! Between the two DAWs I am swimming in plugin options! Too many choices if anything. And I ought to add that REAPER behaved perfectly throughout (I’m always expecting trouble and have actually turned paranoid after my year-long experience with my original Cubase setup — that mess of a system was always crashing, freezing, refusing to respond, or otherwise usually having a cow). Nope, no issues at all tonight. And that would be fine and dandy, and plenty enough but I discovered something else very cool and helpful.

    Okay, so REAPER also comes with ReaRoute among its myriad of tools, but you have to go into installation features and actually click to enable it DURING the REAPER installation. Another possibility is to have installed either freeware MidiYoke or perhaps Maple Virtual MIDI Cable (and Maple only works on 32-bit PCs, which I don’t own anymore so using MidiYoke instead). Briefly, what you end up with is a whole other relationship in which BOTH DAWs carry into it ALL their plugs and instruments, and the relationship is more one of cooperating equals — it’s more like having a huge and very powerful Wusik, Phrazor or similar MIDI Host working in tandem with the main host.

    The Telenator

    The trick to a successful install of MidiYoke usually is that the user must turn down the User Account Control (UAC) from normal to the minimum setting and reboot. Then the install goes smoothly. Then return UAC to the suggested norm, reboot again and all is well.

    I thought this worth pointing out, as I’ve found MidiYoke so very useful in many situations and places. It’s simply another one of those tiny bits of freeware that just about everyone ought to keep around. It will route just about any MIDI thing to any other MIDI-seeking gadget internally in a PC. It’s a handful of up to 16 virtual MIDI cables. Also, unlike any others, such as Maple Virtual Cable (only 4 “cables”), it doesn’t seem to get all hung up on the 32- vs. 64-bit issue; it will work exclusively in either. There is a separate version for earlier Windows as well, though not as sturdy, and consider acquiring MIDI-Ox also, so you have multi- to single-client routing capabilities.

    [details edited for clarity]


    Sounds great.

    I did notice, when I had the Reaper trial installed, that it turned up as an option for Rewire in Podium.

    I might go and try the new version, though of course, I chose Podium over Reaper the first time around.

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