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    Zachary Renner

    Hi! So for the past couple hours I’ve been trying to record my raw guitar input into Podium via a Focusrite Scarlett Solo. I’ve got my guitar plugged in and a track created for the guitar in Podium. I’ve got the audio input set and the source set as well (not sure if those are both supposed to be set to something). I can see the volume bar lifting next to my guitar track when I play my guitar, and yet when I arm the track to record and press play, nothing that I’m playing on my guitar is recorded. What am I doing wrong? Thanks to all who answer!


    Just one step was missing. Arm the track to record —> PRESS THE RECORD (O) BUTTON –> press play

    Zachary Renner

    Whoops, that was a mistype by me. I did that step though. I’ve armed the track, I’ve pressed the record button, and pressed play, only to be greeted by silence.

    Zachary Renner

    UPDATE: I found out it was because I had the bounce box checked. And now a new issue has arisen; I can only hear my guitar when the recording of the channel has been activated. And yet even though I hear it and the record button is pressed as the track is armed, still NOTHING ACTUALLY RECORDS. It’s quite strange. Another problem is latency, I hear the guitar pretty long after I’m hitting the string. Is there something I can do to reduce this latency?


    I just checked my own setup to compare, not really sure why recording doesn’t work properly for you.
    However, I have left the “Source” on my guitar track unassigned (no source needed since the track will get the actual recorded audio). Maybe that makes a difference.

    To get rid of the latency, I think you’ll need ASIO drivers.

    I installed the ASIO4ALL drivers on my machine (do a google search).
    Inside Podium, you can then go to Setup -> Interfaces -> Audio I/O and change the “Audio Driver Type” to “ASIO Drivers”, then you should be able to select ASIO4ALL as ASIO Interface.
    Then just make sure to select the correct inputs/outputs you want to use.

    The audio interface you use to record guitar may have come with its own ASIO drivers, so these could work as well.

    I’ve rarely experienced issues with this setup, usually a quick restart of Podium has solved them.

    Hope this helps!


    I’m able to record my guitar as well, works like a charm.

    I can only hear my guitar when the recording of the channel has been activated

    Something i’m thinking of that could help. Might be helpful, might be not:
    I noticed there is an option to assign the Input audio to the current active track. This way, you can have multiple channels, and you can choose which channel will process your audio. You can also select the inout to be fixed to a channel. Which is default.

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