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    I have ton of plugs and many on 32 bits but i see them on the 64 bit version and the plugins and folder configuration seems to share the path.Same for 64 bits plug-ins in the 32 bit podium version.
    Does i need to enable jbridge? (how without to have reaper installed?)
    Does jbridge is robust?
    Or it is possiblehave only the plugs in the good version or maybe i have missed something?


    A bug was fixed in 3.2.3 which could have caused the wrong VST folders to be detected if you were using both Podium x86 and x64 versions. If you use Podium x64, check the VST folders in preferences does not have the ‘(x86)’ in their paths.

    The Podium plugin scanning should only detect either x86 or x64 plugins, depending on which Podium version you use. Only if you have jBridge installed and enabled in Podium preferences will Podium scan both x86 and x64 plugins.

    I would only recommend using jBridge if you have some essential plugins that are not yet available as x64. I dislike that jBridge creates wrapper files and saves these in the plugin folders.


    Ok thanks for the hint.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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