Topic: Rewire not playing first beat.

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    Hi everyone. I gave in to Image Line’s sale and bought FL Studio. This is to supplement, Podium will still be my main host.

    To that end, I tried very briefly (to see if it worked, as I’d never done it before!) to set up Podium as host and FLS as client. I got it working, but when I started playback in Podium, the first beat was missed in FLS.

    All I had in FLS was a kick every beat. But whenever I played in Podium, the first beat in FLS would skip. It was in sync, and I tried moving one bar forward in Podium, but still the same issue.

    I tried searching the forum, but I couldn’t find anything. Has anyone else had this issue, and is there an easy workaround, or a solution?


    Hi Druid, it’s a FL Studio problem when it’s used as VST or ReWire with any host. They cannot solve it.


    Have you tried using FlStudio as a VSTi instead of Rewire?

    Edit: Sorry. LiquidProject answered your question already.


    FL Studio as a plugin or rewire never had worked properly like the others already have said.

    One “golden rule” if you want to use it as plugin or rewire:

    Never start projects one Bar 1!!!

    Better start projects from bar 5, this solves many play and sync problems and if you have a problem with missing notes on start, start playback a quarter beat before (I am not sure, but I think Podium doesn´t have a preroll on playback/record start atm)…



    I’m bringing up this topic to know if someone is using fl studio as vsti with podium.

    I’d like to put some midi sequence in podium to tweak the clips in fl studio playlist (setted in live mode)… don’t know if it’s possible…

    thanks, best regards

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